Silver Screen Saturdays #3 – Trailer Edition

sssHello movie lovers! Today’s Silver Screen Saturday is going to be all trailers. I have two reasons: A. There wasn’t a whole lot of jaw dropping book-to-movie news this month and the stuff that has been released I want to hold til the next post, and B. This is a rare day where I have Saturday morning off, but I work at 6pm so I’m feeling extra lazy… so shoot me. But honestly, who doesn’t love trailers? I do. I could make a playlist of trailers to just sit and watch on the big screen (keep in mind I have done this before…) So without further ado here’s a bunch of trailers from some choice adaptations. Enjoy!




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Silver Screen Saturdays #1

sssWelcome to my bi-weekly post of what’s hot in the book-to-movie world. Every 2 weeks I’ll just spend some time re-capping what happened in Hollywood and maybe throw in a short movie review now and again for the adaptions. It’s gonna be fun!

So, lots has happened in the movie world this past month and here are some of the highlights!

DivergentBluray Divergent was released on digital HD on July 22. I watched it about a bajillion times using Vudu; I got the download when I pre-ordered the BluRay combo pack from Walmart. It’s coming out this Tuesday (Aug. 5th) on BluRay and DVD. Target is having the best option that I have seen so far. The box that it comes in is glorious – if you got Catching Fire from Target then you know what I mean – and it comes with 3 discs so it has the most special features. I got the Walmart one as a gift from my parents, so I don’t feel too bad buying this Target version as well :p I also got a copy of the BluRay from Summit to review and the special features are fantastic! This is a must have for any initiate.

The highly anticipated trailer for The Mockingjay Pt. 1 has finally released! I thought this one would’ve been played awhile ago, but they just kept fans on the edge waiting. Looks amazing!!

The Maze Runner came out with a new trailer and some new posters! This trailer is epic, we get a glimpse of the grievers!! Watch for yourself:

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