The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey

5thwaveThe 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave #1) – Rick Yancey
Published May 7, 2012 by
Putnam Juvenile
Source: purchased

This book is just epic. I was in love from page 1. The story pulled me in right away and there was honestly not a single moment this book let up. The characters, the world building, the action and even the romances…it was all perfect. I swear this book was so perfect it felt like a gift. This is the new book I will be recommending TO EVERYONE!

The book takes place right after the 4th wave. All of the characters have lived through the first 4 waves and are currently impatiently waiting out their days until their death or for an unknown 5th wave. This is a bit of a mash-up of alien invasion and dystopian, which means there were some elements that have been done before but a lot of it still felt unique and new. One thing I loved about this was that all the characters lived before the invasion happened so they all know what Earth “used to be like”. Too many times the setting is in the near future so the characters don’t know what Earth used to be like and I am glad these characters have something to hold on to.

There is a fair amount of mystery to this book simply because the characters do not know who to trust. Some of the aliens have taken form as humans, so there is always the chance you second guess if this person is human or alien. There were so many points in the book were I flipped on the some of the characters!

I did not know when picking this book up that it featured multiple POVs. The first POV shift doesn’t happen for quite a bit so it confused me at first but once I got into the flow it totally worked. I did find myself craving Cassie’s POV but the other characters added well to the story. All of the characters are unique but one thing that shines through is their will to live. The population is almost nothing at this point so it was important to show why each character is currently alive. Yancey does a magnificent job of making the characters hard but also compassionate at times. Overall each character is rounded out nicely, containing the perfect mix of attributes to  make them real.

Cassie is my new favorite heroine. She is strong, brave and independent as well as quite the entertaining narrator. There were a few “serious” moments she would make a funny comment and as weird as that can be, it totally worked! Everything Cassie said (and thought) felt incredibly natural. At one point she says “Are pervs only pervs if you don’t find them attractive?” and I absolutely lost it. She has some amazing one-liners both internally and externally that make the story not feel so dark.

Quick note about the romance(s) in this book. The romance is there but it is not dominant in most scenes that it is in. Yancey wrote the romance in this wonderfully. I say this because there was some importance to the romance but I ultimately think Book 2 is where to real sparks are going to fly. I can say I was satisfied with how much romance was in Book 1 but I will be needing more in Book 2.

You can read an extended preview here! I am warning you in advance, this is going to make you want to pick up the book ASAP.



The Elite – Kiera Cass

the eliteThe Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass
Published April 23
, 2013 by HarperTeen
Source: purchased

The Selection was pure candy for me and The Elite was its darker, richer cousin. The Elite still had its fluffy romantic moments but Cass delved deeper into the world where such things as the Selection are necessary. The Elite had much more world builder that I never realized The Selection lacked. There is not only more information about the caste system but more about foreign lands, as well as their problems or successes.  On top of this information there is also a great look into what life is like being a royal (and I will tell you it is not all pretty dresses and tasty food). America and the other Elite get put to the test not only to prove they are worthy of Maxon’s love but being called a princess.

I read multiple reviews and saw that many people had a problem with America’s character in this book because they felt she was not as strong as she was in The Selection. I agree and disagree with this. America only bothered me when she would get wrapped up in being with one of the boys and then completely forget about the other. She has a problem with trusting Maxon. He would constantly tell her to trust him and the next second she would be upset with a choice he made. This would then push her towards Aspen and thus love triangle. Other than that I felt she was a strong, fierce character who stood up for what she believed in and stayed true to herself. Yes she has her flaws but what character doesn’t?

This is one love triangle that I love! At this point in the series I trust America (and Cass) to pick correctly in the end. In my eyes there is not a wrong choice. That being said I am still totally team Maxon. First off he is a prince and secondly he is just a good guy. I will say there was one scene in particular between him another member of the Elite that upset me though. Oh Maxon why can’t you be real!

Favorite Quote – It wasn’t like I made his world better. It was like I was his world. It wasn’t some explosion; it wasn’t fireworks. It was a fire, burning slowly from the inside out.

Kind of spoiler-y but a few book three thoughts…I found out the title to books three (The One) before reading The Elite and I thought it was spoiler-y but it is totally not! I also (accidentally) saw on Twitter that he picked Kriss and I was like “WHAT, he picks someone in book 2 and its NOT America!?”…alas that was incorrect. Does anyone else feel that Kota (America’s older brother) is going to play a role in The One?



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