The Fandom of the Month Club Review: April 2015

I have seen several people posting pictures from their Fandom of the Month Club boxes on Instagram. I looked into the box I found that it was a great price of everything included in the box. The fandom isn’t known so there is a chance you will get items from a fandom you aren’t apart of but from looking at pictures there is always a piece or two that fits into the month’s fandom but can also just be cute jewelry. I signed up and decided this would be my trial month and if I really felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth I would cancel. I am very happy I gave it a try this month because the theme is HARRY POTTER!IMG_6790
The packaging is cute! I really like the quote printed on the bag, not very sure what I will use the bag for again tho.


Golden Snitch earrings! I really like these. I have eyed them several times and am happy I waited.


This ring is cute but a HUGE let down. Notice how it’s on my pinky because that’s the only finger it fits on. You would think it would be adjustable but nope! Don’t think I will ever wear this.


This is my favorite piece! I love feathers and there is the added “wingardium leviosa” printed on it.


Very “meh” on the keychain. On one hand yay for Deathly Hallows symbol but on the other hand I really don’t use keychains.

Final thoughts? I am happy with this box. The cost is fairly low and you definitely get your money’s worth. I am going to continue with this one for the time being but I think every month I will teeter on keeping my subscription. I mean how much jewelry do I really need? (I need all the Harry Potter necklaces tbh)

Do you subscribe to The Fandom of the Month Club? Is there a fandom you would love to see featured one month?

OwlCrate Review: April 2015

Last month I saw a ton of people posting pictures of their OwlCrate’s and I knew it was something I wanted to check out. The box itself is geared at a YA audience, check out their website for full details! My only hesitation was the chance that I would get a book I already owned. Owl crate prides themselves on only putting a book that came out in the last 45 days. I haven’t purchased many YA titles this year so I decided to take the plunge. I am SO happy I did! This month’s theme was “ALL THE FEELS” with a contemporary title being the focus.


I LOVE the packaging!


This bag is everything. I love it so much, it was the first item I took out of the box and I instantly knew I was getting my moneys worth.


The next item is a TFIOS inspired necklace. This is cute, personally I am not a huge TFIOS fangirl so this may be something I pass along.


This candle smells FABULOUS! I really enjoy the smell of apples. I asked my roommate to describe the candle without knowing the name and she came up with “apple sugar with a dash of christmas tree”.


Last but not least the book featured this month: Everything That Makes You by Moriah McStay. This one is actually on my TBR AND I don’t own it, WIN!! This also included a bookplate, sticker and bookmark.

Was the box worth is? YES! This box is a bit more pricey at $29.99 (+shipping) a month but I think I got my money’s worth. I am definitely sticking around for another month. I know the May box is already sold out but keep an eye on social media (or sign-up for their waiting list!)

Do you subscribe to owlcrate or another monthly book subscription box?