Comic-Con 2016 (+Giveaway!)


Another year, another Comic-Con. This year marked my 5th consecutive year attending Comic-Con international in San Diego (also known as SDCC)! I love making the trip every year for the all the pop culture but it is also amazing to see my friends. Definitely check out Stacee’s recap (she has all the pictures!) This year was the first year I went alone (how dare none of my friends want to come with this year), so I spent a lot of time with Stacee and Michelle. Wednesday was preview night, which I did not have this year, so no recap of that! One note about Wednesday was the Carne Asada fries from Lolita’s and a Mud Pie donut from Donut bar.


Thursday (or books and Ursula dress) 

Thursday started with my standing in line. Outside. In the hot sun. I was in line to get a ticket for an offsite panel and possible Sarah J. Maas signing ticket. The wacky thing Comic-Con did was put all the lines together (including those for celebrity talent) so it was a very long line. Luckily I was in line behind two fellow Sarah J Maas fans and told them all about Maas Thirteen and how that got started. Once the line moved, it went fast. I got a ticket for my panel and two tickets for SJM signing (one for myself and one for Stacee).

After I got my tickets, I headed to the floor and picked up more tickets for various booth signings. I appreciate the tickets because it allowed me to not have to stress about getting somewhere early enough to get in line. We did end up in a Harper line for a bingo drawing of a sort. This line prompted this photo (which is stolen from Stacee). I was very excited to be the line break. Also Ursula dress.


We split ways after that and I headed to my panel (The Smitten Word: Romancing the Reader) off site at Horton Grand Theatre. I didn’t love this. The theatre itself was nice but the panel was half empty. I think the ticket part turned some people off. The panel itself was wonderful and the authors covered everything to why they write romance to advice to aspiring writers.

I headed back in the heat. I don’t usually complain about summer because I love it but I like the small reprieve I get when I head to southern California but it decided to act like Chicago this year. I met up with Stacee and we got in line for SJM. I was really just there to say hi since I was fortune enough to see Sarah a few months ago and had all my books signed. I got to see Sarah freak out over Stacee’s amazing tattoo and then got to chat with the lovely Lizzie from Bloomsbury.

Right after that (and basically right next to where Sarah was signing), the ladies who were on the romance panel had a signing. I wanted to go to this to meet Tessa Dare (who I have recently been binge reading and loving) and also say hi to Christina and Lauren of Christina Lauren. I got my books signed and fangirled. We went down to the exhibit hall for Alwyn Hamilton’s booth signing (ARCs of Traitor to the Throne!) and got a copy of Gemina and A Shadow Bright and Burning from Random House.

There wasn’t much else to do until a panel signing late in the evening, so we found a spot to camp out. This turned out to be a table where there are usually autographing sessions happening so people would slow down to see who we were. This made me laugh.

The panel signing started and I was able to see Renee again and get my copy of The Rose & The Dagger signed. I also had a copy of Heartless for a friend, so I stopped and chatted with Marissa. Alwyn was also signing, so I got to say hi to her again. My day one haul below!


Friday (or the day of comic books)

The first year I went to Comic-Con, I could’ve cares less about comic books. This year I had an entire day full of comic book signings. I got to the convention center about an hour early and got in line for the exhibit hall. Soon after being let in, I headed to the Image booth to get wristbands for several of their signings. After that I headed to the publisher booths and picked up a few tickets for their signings throughout the day. I had time to kill, so I got in line for this photo booth thing at DC. It resulted in this SUPER nerdy photo of me.


From there I bounced back and forth between Image and Penguin booth. I manage to meet Cliff Chiang & Jared Fletcher (Paper Girls), Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda (Monstress), Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked and The Divine), Brian O’Malley and Leslie Hung (Snotgirl). I feel terrible because I was talking to 2 girls in line and believe we follow each other on Instagram BUT I DIDN’T GET THEIR NAMES. I am dumb because they are Image fans and YA fans. Stupid Katie. I also got to see Sabaa Tahir and Renee Ahdieh. They each were signing in booth and Penguin gave away copies of their books. Some time during this all I passed the Disney booth and grabbed a copy of Spindle by EK Johnston. Almost everyone I met on Friday was super lovely and/or adorable. Oh look I took no pictures! Go me.




I was done will everything on my agenda by early afternoon so I decided I would make my way into Ballroom 20 for the iZombie panel. If you don’t watch iZombie yet, what are you waiting for??? One of my favorite shows on TV right now. I managed to get in the room during the prior panel and caught the second half of EW’s Fan Favorite panel, which features several familiar faces that all together created an entertaining panel.


I wasn’t ready to call quits on my day, so I walked around downtown San Diego. I knew Henry’s Pub had several Game of Thrones beers on tap and decided to grab dinner there. Plus side to traveling alone? Being able to sit at the bar and not have to wait for a table! The bartender was very friendly for being in the middle of SDCC craziness. I got myself an Iron Throne and some fish tacos, I was in heaven. If you ever happen to be in the San Diego area, I would reccomend stopping here even if they don’t have GoT beers!!


Saturday (or the day I needed to see Leigh Bardugo)

I had no real plan for Saturday besides to see Leigh and snag a poster. I swear Leigh makes SDCC worth it every year 😛

I got to the convention center a little early because I was attempting to get a ticket for exclusive Tsum Tsums. I missed getting a ticket for the items I wanted by about 20 people. I wasn’t too upset because I already picked up a ton of cool stuff the previous two days and my suitcase was dwindling fast. I went by Random House booth to see if I could get a ticket for one of their booth signings later in the day but they did theirs slightly different than Penguin and didn’t give them out until right before the signing. Hmm.

I ended up meeting up with Michelle fairly early in the day and we did some shopping. I had bought a Loot4Fangirls earlier in the day and if I bought something from HerUniverse I could get an exclusive item. At first I wasn’t going to buy anything (Michelle was going to and let me take her credit) but when we went over to the StarWars HerUniverse display, I saw a Rey sweater that I fell in love with and ended up buying. My exclusive item ended up being Harry Potter socks. Not totally worth it but I am really happy with my new sweater.

Michelle and I lurked for awhile, waiting to line up for Pierce Brown signing at Random House. I needed to see my husband him since I apparently can only see him at SDCC! I gushed to him about Red Rising being one of my hand sells and hopefully down the line getting him to do a signing in Chicago-area.

After the Pierce signing, we didn’t have anything to do until Leigh was signing. We headed up to the autographing area and got in line for the signing. I was also there to see Kiersten White and get my copy of And I Darken signed. After flailing at Kiersten, I made my way to Leigh. She joked that I was only there to get the Crooked Kingdom pin and I said maybe…but also POSTER.

Straight away Michelle and I (and Michelle’s husband) made out way to the Ballroom 20 line to catch the DC television panels. We missed Supergirl but managed to make it in for Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Arrow. All the panels were fantastic but Arrow might have been the best because it ended with a Hamilton sign-a-long. Well sortof because apparently all the nerds haven’t heard of Hamilton. FIX THIS. One again I took almost no pictures…oops

Sunday (or the final day *tear*)

Sunday was going to be quick and dirty (that’s what she said). Just kidding on the dirty part. I took my time getting to the convention center in the morning since I had to finish packing and check out (or well “check out” of my Airbnb). I took a Lyft downtown and told the driver “oh just get me as close as you can to the convention center” meaning I know it’s crazy downtown and I have no problem walking a few blocks if you want to avoid traffic. This man took it as drop her off in front. I think he broke 5 laws but I was right outside the door. I checked my luggage and made my way upstairs for the YA signing first thing.

I originally had nothing for the signing but grabbed a copy of Replica earlier in the week and had Lauren Oliver sign it. I tried to trick her into picking a side of Replica to sign since part of the concept of the book is for the reader to choose which story to start first. I had no luck but we had a good laugh. They also handed out samplers of Strange the Dreamer and I had Laini sign it. I got to say hi to Victoria Schwab and tell her congrats on all the things that have happened to her in July. Adam Silvera was also there and we hugged and chatted for a bit. I also grabbed a Red guard bandana from Victoria Aveyard. Overall I love the authors that Lauren Billings (of Christina Lauren) brings to SDCC for the YA panel. I was sad I couldn’t stay and see the panel this year but it was too late in the day and I had to catch a flight!

There wasn’t anything else I needed to see on Sunday but I still had some time to kill before I needed to head to the airport. Michelle, Stacee and I decided to sit in on Leigh Bardugo in conversation with Gene Luen Yang. I love when Leigh gets to go one on one with another author. Last year her panel with Rainbow Rowell was one of my favorites. They talked about everything from comics to growing up as an outsider to being authors. This was a great panel to end the trip with. After the panel I said my good-byes to Stacee and Michelle (and hugs, tons of hugs). I grabbed my suitcase and got myself to In-n-Out!

I hadn’t been to In-n-Out since 2013 I think. I remember enjoying it but needed to taste it again while I was in California. Overall it was still very good but I am more than happy to eat at 5 Guys or Shake Shack or PORTILLOS. I wouldn’t trade Portillo’s for anything.


This year wasn’t as crazy as past years but I still has a blast. I knew going into this year that it was a 50/50 on being my last year for some time. It is still undecided if I will go back next year, but I know if I don’t I will instantly regret it.

Today’s giveaway is for a few copies of books given away at SDCC! First is an ARC copy of Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi, an ARC copy of Replica by Lauren Oliver and an ARC copy of A Shadow Bright and Burning. 1 person will take all, US only. Sorry international friends!


BEA 2016!

Hello! Book Expo America (also known as BEA) was last week May 11-13 here in Chicago so it was an easy choice for me to attend! I attended as both a blogger and a bookseller. Usually I base my convention wrap-ups on the photos I took during the duration and I took…3. Also I realized in the middle of writing this that I talk about food A LOT but honestly it’s Chicago and we love food.Cia22i5VEAA1lkt

Since I don’t live too far from the McCormick Place, I decided to just drive every day and Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog stayed with me! She arrived Tuesday and we did some fun stuff around the city (burgers from Kuma’s and new Captain America movie!). Wednesday marked the first official day of BEA! Since I was not participating in Bloggercon and the floor didn’t open until that afternoon, I met up with a group of bloggers for breakfast at Yolk. Getting breakfast with Mary, Danielle from Love at First Page, Wendy from Book Scents and Rebecca from Unbound Pages really set the tone for the whole week and spoiler alert: it was awesome. After breakfast Mary and I did a quick trip to the Bean before heading to McCormick Place to pick up our badges.


I spent most of Wednesday on the floor just getting a lay of the land and picking up schedules from the publishers. I think the only book I grabbed for myself and kept was Stalking Jack the Ripper (which was one of my anticipated books to get so SUCCESS!) I did also get a copy of the new Princess in Black and got to meet Shannon and Dean Hale, who are adorable and my new favorite. Once we realized we were all very hungry, I suggested Portillo’s for dinner because when in Illinois…! The same ladies from breakfast plus Sabrina from Forest of Words and Pages. Since it was too early to call it a day I grabbed drinks with Gillian from Writer of Wrongs, Gaby from Bookish Broads, Jessie from Ageless Pages Reviews, Angie from Lady Knight Reads and Morgan from Gone with the Words! A few others joined us throughout the night but it was just a fun night of everyone spoiling Raven King for me! This really happened but I have only read Raven Boys so none of it made sense to me (plus I said it didn’t matter to me). I am also 100% sure we had a heated debate about Vampire Academy/Bloodlines ships at some point.

So Day 1 of BEA was about seeing everyone! Day 2 we got more serious about the ~books~ Mary and I showed up to the McCormick Place right before the floor opened. We moseyed around the floor because neither of us had anything big that morning. David Levithan was signing Twelve Days of Dash and Lily (sequel to Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares…also I think this happened Thursday but slight chance this was Wednesday). We split ways because I had a bookseller lunch with Macmillan Children’s (which was fantastic and I used this opportunity to talk shop with booksellers but also to find out Macmillan Fall picture books). Thursday afternoon highlights: David Levithan part 2 aka You Know Me Well and History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. Thursday night both Bloomsbury and Fierce Reads (Macmillan) had blogger parties and I was fortunate enough to attend both. I got to spend the evening with some of my favorite publicists and bloggers plus special appearances from authors. After the parties, Gaby aka mistress of YA at Books of Wonder and blogger at Bookish Broads declared we needed pizza and we ventured to find ourselves at Giordano’s. Onion pizza is my new favorite thing.


Day 3 aka Friday aka the day Mary and I were getting 4eEQoH7Zourselves signing tickets at the Macmillan booth. We both got tickets for Caraval booth signing with Stephanie Garber later that day. The children’s breakfast was that morning and all the featured authors were doing a signing in the ABA lounge for independent booksellers. I was able to see Sabaa Tahir and get a copy of Torch Against the Night (which her line later that day was INSANE but so awesome). Jamie Lee Curtis was also signing her new picture book and Gene Leun Yang was signing his upcoming Secret Coders. After that signing I ran into David Arnold, who is one of my favorite humans! He was live tweeting from Penguin Teen and I was apart of his squad picture. Life goal achieved? I wandered the floor for the rest of the morning before Caraval signing and Stephanie was adorable and I can’t wait to read!! While in line for Caraval signing I did get to hang with my Office babes which included Mary, Morgan, Angie and Lindsey from Bring My Books. We decided we needed a picture together and of course we needed to recreate the jumping Christmas card! I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for Gemina because..Gemina. There was some confusion with line at Penguin/Random House booth but end of the day they were all fabulous and want to thank them all for putting up with all of the crazy!

Thank you to all the amazing publishers and publicist for making the trip to Chicago for BEA this year! I ended up really enjoying BEA and really look forward to attending again in the future.



Fierce Reads Tour Recap


On October 10th Katie and I attended the Fierce Reads tour stop in the Chicago area, and it was delightful. We got to hear from and meet authors Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles), Gennifer Albin (The Crewel World Series), Nikki Kelly (The Styclar Saga), and Jessica Brody (The Unremembered Series). These four awesome ladies, who wrote some amazing books, had the whole audience laughing while also delivering insightful answer to the questions asked.

The event was moderated by The Book Addicts Guide who asked some fantastic questions! Check it out.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Marissa Meyer: My favorite character to write is Iko, who is Cinders android best friend and she’s also a fan favorite so I love it when I say her name and fans are like “yeah! She’s our favorite too”. She’s super super fun to write. When I first had this idea that Cinder was going to have this robot friend I imagined her being very logical and computer like, and then I started writing the book and Iko shows up in the first chapter, and she’s like “That’s a stupid idea, I’m going to be into fashion. I really want to go dance with the prince, and by the way can I have some shoes even though I don’t have feet?” And I was like ‘Who is this crazy robot character?’ but she’s been a lot of fun to write and she kind of continues to surprise me and grow with every book… sometimes literally.

Jessica Brody: My favorite character to write is Cody, who is the 13 year old foster brother that kind of takes Seraphina in and teaches her about the world which she knows nothing about. I came from a contemporary background, I wrote 3 contemporary novels, comedies, The Karma Club, My Life Undecided, and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father so when I’m set up to write this kind of more serious, sci-fi thing I was like “But I need that funny person who’s going to talk like a regular teenager, and not like an amnesiac super model.” Which is Seraphina, so I put this character in named Cody and he kind of responds to Seraphina the way I think I would respond to her if I met her on the street. Which is she’s kind of ridiculous because she knows nothing. She doesn’t know what the internet is she doesn’t know what a television is and he’s just kind of like “really? what?” So he was really fun to write and then I turned in my first draft and my editor wrote back and said “Yeah can we cut Cody? Because he’s really kind of annoying” and I was like “but he’s my favorite!” So I fought back, which you can do, this is a misconception that you cannot disagree with your editor, I disagree with her all the time. And I said “you know, we need Cody, he’s like the touchstone… the real person to reflect back on the reader.” And so I fought and I won and now he’s kind of become a fan favorite. I have team Cody buttons and all that, but every time I get a fan letter about Cody I just forward it to my editor. She’s since rescinded her decision about Cody, but I think that’s just because all of the fans.

Gennifer Albin: My favorite character to write is actually my villain. Which says just a lot about me. I write evil mothers, I like my villains… “Therapy”. But Cormac Patton is my favorite character and he is compulsively clad in a black tuxedo and swilling bourbon, and I think that’s all you need to know about him. If all they wear is a black tuxedo to everything, like breakfast, you kind of get a sense of who they are and how important they think they are. But he has the best lines, and he really challenges my character. She gets thrown into this situation where a lot of people are trying to control her and he’s trying to control her but he also is the one person that kind of gives her credit for being a strong female and speaks to her as an equal, so they banter a lot and it’s very 1940s screwball comedy and I love writing them. It was the most fun ever to write those characters, so I was thrilled because he’s not in the second book as much, not a spoiler, but maybe. He comes back in the third book and things are even weirder between them which is awesome. So there’s something to look forward to and he’s still wearing a tuxedo, but maybe he has a reason this time *wink*

Nikki Kelly: I shift between my characters, sometimes I really enjoy Brooke. My characters are all quite different. I’ve got two Irish characters, I’ve got two English characters and two American characters, and when I started writing Brooke she was kind of the all American kind of fashionista sort of Floridian girl and I remember writing in my manuscript when Lailah first meets her she’s kind of assessing her and called her all American and my editor wrote back to me and circled it saying “what’s all American? What does this mean?” and I was like “she’s American” and she’s like “yes but why? what makes her American? How does she look what does she think of her?” and I ended up calling her every inch of the valley girl with a vogue underneath her arm. Which I still think is slightly stereotypical but then equally my English characters walk around drinking tea and eating biscuits so equally it works both ways people. So I’d probably say Brooke because I think she probably brings a bit of banter to an otherwise very tense and intense situation which is the majority of the book. So ya know… there’s a line where Lailah says “she wasn’t half bad when she wasn’t trying to kill us” and I think that probably speaks fondly about Brooke.

If you could have the special powers or abilities featured in another panelists book which would you pick Continue reading

Mighty Mississippi Book Blast Recap (+ giveaway)

This past Wednesday July 16, Kylie and I headed to Anderson’s for the Mighty Mississippi Book Blast! This featured 8 authors who are made of awesome. The event was a lot of fun but how can you not have fun when you have a room full of YA authors and readers? One of my favorite parts of these events is running into the same people. Of course Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide was there and friends from Twitter including: @BookProbs (my book fairy), Sylvia aka @SylvyGrace, Sarah aka @EscapingSarah and so many more! I usually take notes but this time Kylie recorded AND TRANSCRIBED the whole evening. Seriously Kylie rocks guys (don’t tell her I said that). Read how awesome these authors were and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end!

Bethany Crandell: Hi I’m Bethany. I’m from San Diego and I’m enjoying the weather I brought with me. I hope you all enjoy it cause this is what I’m used to everyday. So this is Summer on the Short Bus, and for those of you who don’t know it’s a very politically incorrect story about a 17 year old girl who learns a life lesson while at a summer camp for disabled teens. It’s potentially offensive but it’s very honest and it’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a really fun story.

Lindsay Cummings: Your cover is super cute, so that’s a plus. It’s like a satin.

Bethany: It’s made out of kitten paws.

(laughter and awes)

Lindsay: I’m Lindsay Cummings. I’m 23, this is my book baby The Murder Complex. It is a story set in the future Florida Everglades set in a world where the murder rate is higher than the birth rate, and every time it gets dark tons of people are murdered and no ones know why or who’s behind it. Cue creepy music.

A.G. Howard: My book is Unhinged, I guess this is the one that I’m doing tonight. Have any of you read Splintered?

(hands raise)

A.G.: Yeah! I’ll give a quick go-over of what it’s about. It’s the great-great-great-granddaughter of Alice finds out that Wonderland is real and it’s actually really really creepy. She falls down in the rabbit hole and she meets Rabid White, instead of the white rabbit, and everyone’s topsy turvey turned on their heads and she meets this fella right here (points to Unhinged cover) who is more Morpheus; he is her guy or possibly he might be an evil doer, we don’t know.  And the second book is where Wonderland starts seeping into the real world and trying to pull her back in. So obviously you know she gets out eventually in the first one, spoiler alert sorry!

Lynne Matson: My name’s Lynne Matson and I’m the author of Nil. It is a story about teens who are trapped on this island and they have a year to escape or they die. It’s told from the point of view from a guy named Thad who is a Canadian snow-boarder and he’s been on Nil for over 9 months; so he’s got only a little less than 3 to go, and it’s also told from the view point of the girl Charley who is a new comer. So you get the veteran, the newcomer, and you get a little swoony romance and you get a ticking clock and some creepy creepy animals.

Whitney Miller: Hi guys! I’m so excited to see all of you this is amazing. So I’m Whitney Miller, I’m the author of The Violet Hour. This is my debut novel and I’m gonna continue the creeptastic sort of streak we have going here. My book is about the daughter of a sinister cult leader and she is harboring a dangerous secret which is that she hears a voice in her head that commands her to kill and shows her visions of a blood soaked alternate reality. While she’s on a trip the visions start to come true. So she has to figure out how to stop it or let all of her family and friends die around her. Which is not a great option.

Amy Lynden Rolland: I’m Amy, or A. Lynden Rolland and I’m going to continue on with the creeptastic factor. My book Of Unbreakable Things is about dead people. My main character is dead on page 1. She has just died and finds herself face-to-face with her third grade teacher and she’s kinda like “what are you doing here? are you dead too? what’s going on?” and she enters this mental after world. You have mind, body and spirit and you take away body you still have mind and spirit, so it’s a mental world and the mind can do some pretty psychedelic things when it doesn’t have the barrier of the body around it holding it back. Not everyone is good spirited just because they’re spirits. So there’s a lot of evil minds out there in this world as well so it’s creepy but it’s pretty good. A little scary at some points in the end. But ya know.

Philip Siegel: So I’m Philip Siegel and I just wanted to point out how blonde this half of the table is. I’m a little jealous. So my book is The Break Up Artist and it’s about a girl who runs a business breaking up couples at her school. So think ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Easy A’, that tone. So she’s hired to break up the most popular couple in their school. The Jay-Z and Beyonce of their school. So she has to go under cover and infiltrate the popular click. Do some espionage and sabotage until, you know, she busts this couple apart. But she may learn some things along the way. and unlike these other books nobody dies in the end (laughs). Or in the beginning!

Paula Stokes: So I’m Paula Stokes, I also write as Fiona Paul, The Secret of the Eternal Rose series. I don’t have the US one, but here’s the Australian one which I’m going to be giving away. This is my first contemporary book The Art of Lainey and it’s kind of happiness in book form. It’s the story of a popular soccer player who has everything going right in the world and then her perfect boyfriend dumps her in the worst way ever and she kind of starts to fall apart because she’s been dating him for 2 years and she’s relied on him and it’s almost like part of her identity is wrapped up in him. So she is very competitive and she decides she’s going to try and win him back, and her and her friend end up using strategies from The Art of War; which is like this old Chinese strategy manual and the way they interpret it is debatably correct at times but it results in like a story that’s really funny and really romantic and has a really hot boy in it. Preferred for the summer time, warm weather, which I’m assuming we’re gonna get at some point. So yeah, check it out.



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Divergent Premiere Chicago! (+ Divergent Movie Review)

This is one of those days I am so thankful I stalk Twitter and have Fangirl friends. Well I am thankful for Fangirl friends everyday but especially now. Yesterday I got the chance to not only see Divergent early, but got to meet some of the cast! I got tickets after seeing information posted on Twitter and a few of my Fangirl friend’s texting me. My guest (who is a friend that has read/loved the book but isn’t quite a fangirl) and I arrived a few hours early, only having to wait outside for about an hour. After more waiting iphone2 284inside, they gave us actual tickets (that had our assigned seats) and then we were allowed to find our spot on the red carpet. I found a spot right after the press circle with my new friends Jolene and Casey from We played the waiting game again and made friends with security.

It was finally time for the stars to arrive! Amy Newbold (who plays Molly) was the first around. She was incredibly sweet. She took pictures and signed autographs for everyone. Veronica Roth was the next one to stop by us. She signed my book and I managed to get a picture with her. I am pretty proud of the pictures I got even though I was standing under terrible lighting. I should have done a better check of that before choosing my spot, ha! Of course Veronica complimented my friend on her polish (it was amazing; we have a several things in common). And then came Theo. Oh Theo James. He gave me a hug. He signed my book. We took a selfie. I still don’t believe this all happened. He is such a gentleman. Ansel came by shortly after and wanted to get out as many autographs he could, so I was part of a group hug with my new friend Jolene. Shailene Woodley was the only one who didn’t make it to our side but that was because she had stopped and talked to a girl who was there for her Make-a-Wish. I did manage to get some great pictures though because that was right next to me. Each and every one was fabulous for spending so much time with us.iphone2 308

We quickly made our way to the theatre to start the movie since it was starting an hour late due to the long red carpet (I know I’m not complaining!). I am a bit speechless about its amazingness. I will fully admit that I doubted Shailene as Tris but she was phenomenal and blew me away. I knew Theo would be good as Four but he was absolutely outstanding and I cannot think of anyone that could have played him better. The rest of the cast was also extraordinary. Kate Winslet was wickedly perfect; Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn were flawless as well as all the other Dauntless initiates. Dystopian Chicago was eerie without fault and gave me goose bumps several times. Of course there are the inevitable changes and skipped scenes but everything was better than I could have ever expected. I cannot wait to see this again and I recommend everyone go see it March 21!


Buy your tickets today!


January 2014 Recap!

January has been an AMAZING reading month for me. I not only read a lot, most of them were books I enjoyed!

The Books

  • I read a total of 17 books this month! I think that is a good start to my yearly goal of 150, gives me room in case a slack off at all.
  • Of these books, 6 were 5 stars, 9 were 4 stars and the last 2 were 3 stars. Not too bad!
  • The most popular review I wrote this month was Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris. I also did a recap/mini reviews on 3 of the books I read.
  • My favorite book of the month would be a tie between Winger by Andrew Smith and Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi.

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Other things on the Blog

  • Ransom Riggs came to Anderson’s and I wrote up an event recap about how wonderful the experience was.
  • One of the less stressful, low pressure reading challenges I am working on this year is the A-Z challenge. Check out what I am planning on reading for that!
  • My most popular Top Ten Tuesday was Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist. I am still lusting after a few of these.


Favorite Non-Book related things

  • I am OBSESSED with the Frozen soundtrack. I have it on replay like it is no one’s business. Also this article on Frozen.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf for my 3DS. It has been awhile since I’ve been into a game as much as I’ve been into this game. It might have been Pokemon X.
  • I started rewatching The Office for the umpteenth time. This show will never get old and it is perfect to put on while I’m cleaning.

Things I’m excited for in Febuary

  • I cannot wait to get my hands on Split Second by Kasie West. I’m also planning on reading Fire & Flood, Faking Normal and The Winner’s Curse.
  • My friend and I are planning on going out for Galentine’s Day. If you don’t know what that is you should watch more Parks & Recreation.
  • There aren’t any exciting book signings/events in my area in Febuary, but there are plans to meet up with some of my book friends. We all know book friends are the best kind of friends.