Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

25036310Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig
Publishing Date October 4th 2016 by Feiwel & Friends
Source: arc

Flynn’s girlfriend has disappeared. How can he uncover her secrets without revealing his own?

Flynn’s girlfriend, January, is missing. The cops are asking questions he can’t answer, and her friends are telling stories that don’t add up. All eyes are on Flynn—as January’s boyfriend, he must know something.

But Flynn has a secret of his own. And as he struggles to uncover the truth about January’s disappearance, he must also face the truth about himself.

Flashback to BEA 2016 when I briefly met Caleb Roehrig (very briefly, I don’t even think names were actually exchanged) and I wish I had known I was standing in the presence of a word genius because I wouldn’t have been such a loser like I’m certain I was. BUT I will have a chance to redeem myself this year at Yallfest, so there’s that. Now onto an actual review.

Last Seen Leaving was unlike anything I’ve ever read. It had the suspense of a thriller and the feels of a contemporary. It’s like a YA Gone Girl meets History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera – which I know is a bad example since it’s not out yet, but it’s the perfect example. Throughout the book Flynn will think back to times he spent with January, and it just really took me back to Adam’s book. Both books are crazy unique and amazing in their own way. I just got the vibe and I really liked it.

I would describe LSL as two books in one, again because of it’s thriller and contemporary aspects. The search for January is a chilling one. The more Flynn would uncover the more I was on edge, and I loved it! There are twists and turns that kept me guessing what exactly was going on. The suspense was literally perfect. But then the moments when Flynn was struggling with who is himself and what all that means… I won’t spoil Flynn’s secret for you, so just read this book OKAY!

I loved this book more than I initially expected when I picked it up, and I don’t doubt that it’s going to surprise everyone who reads it. This is clearly a five star review, and I am URGING you to pick this one up! Last Seen Leaving is in stores now and I’m not sure why you aren’t rushing to your favorite bookstore right now! GO GO GO!

Congrats to Caleb for an amazing debut, and thank you to Feiwel & Friends for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.

❤ Kylie

Interview with Adam Silvera + Epic ‘More Happy Than Not’ Giveaway!!

Good morning friends! Today I bring you a mini interview from one of my favorite authors in this big old book world; Adam Silvera! I know you all already know him, but for those new to the book world I’ll give you the 4-1-1. Last year a little debut novel called More Happy Than Not came in like a wrecking ball and destroyed readers everywhere… I’m not even kidding. But in the best kind of way of course because us book nerds are total masochists and any book that is ripping our hearts out and causing us to drown in our own tears is pretty much a guaranteed five star review. I’m not alone in this… right?

Any who. So Adam popped up on my radar because of one of my other favorite humans, Margot Wood from Epic Reads (who happens to be my bday twin today! Happy birthday Margot!), she had tweeted something awesome about Adam. I followed him on twitter and was so glad I did because not long after I won one of his twitter giveaways for an ARC for MHTN and then it all went downhill from there. Adam is an amazing human and I value every encounter with him greatly. So when I asked him if he would help me out for a post today, on my bday and during our 3-year blogoversary, I was way happier than not when he said yes to an interview! I won’t bore you anymore, I’ll give you what you came for, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end!

Also, since it’s my birthday, please eat a piece of cake in my honor today. It’s my gift to you 😉


AdamSilvera_HiRes_v3Q1: What is something you’re looking forward to readers experiencing in any of your upcoming books?
History Is All You Left Me (January 2017, Soho Teen) and They Both Die At The End (Fall 2017, HarperTeen) are two books I’m insanely proud of, and are complicated love stories between boys. It means a lot to me to produce more dude/dude stories since many didn’t appeal to me when I was young and coming out. The shelves are absolutely filling with more gay/bisexual stories now and it’s awesome to contribute to this.
Q2: You did an amazing job at writing a real world story with a hint of Sci-Fi with More Happy Than Not, do you have any plans to go full Sci-Fi in a future book?
Thank you! No plans for full Sci-Fi, but my third book, They Both Die At The End, is also very speculative. And I’m doing something outside my established wheelhouse for book 4 so let’s hope that works out! It’s a book I’ve wanted to write for years.
This or That?
1. Apple or Android? Apple.
2. Netflix or Hulu? Netflix. 
3. BB-8 or R2-D2? BB-8.
4. Spotify or Pandora? Neither, really, because I’m not the biggest fan of the radio because I love listening to songs on repeat, but Pandora if I had to choose because I have zero experience with Spotify.
5. DC or Marvel? Marvel. Batman v. Superman was Not Great. And Daredevil is probably my favorite Marvel production at the moment.
Lightning Round
1. Currently reading? Everyone We’ve Been by Sarah Everett, which More Happy fans may enjoy. It pubs in October.
2. Starbucks order? Passion fruit iced tea lemonade or blended strawberry lemonade. With a cookie. (I RARELY drink coffee.)
3. Favorite book so far this year? The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks. This book HAUNTS me.
4. Favorite pizza topping? BBQ chicken!
5. Current jam? Hamilton soundtrack, duh.


THANKS ADAM! I hope y’all enjoyed that pure gold as much as I did. And show of hands for who else is totally pumped for History Is All You Left Me and They Both Die At The End (even though I’m pretty certain I’m going to be the one dying at the end… but that brings us back to our masochist chat above.)
Now it’s giveaway time. You guys, you don’t even know how jealous I am of the person that wins CdYhD1AUEAAvYJJ.jpg largethis giveaway. Not only did I hand pick some things that I thought would compliment the book well, but this copy of More Happy Than Not is insanely special. It’s not just an average signed copy, but it’s an epic signed copy. I’m purposely not including pics of whats inside because it’s just too good of a surprise for the winner. It’s better than getting your favorite gift on Christmas. Trust me! But I’ll share this pic for proof that there’s something spectacular inside this book.
So what’s included in the giveaway? Well:
  • The epic super exclusive signed copy of More Happy Than Not
  • Smiley and sad face buttons from MovementButtons
  • An adorable whale tissue holder from FiveLittleStitches (trust me, you’ll need tissues)
  • And a BB-8 magnetic bookmark and cute little Harry Potter stickers from BeedooTO

To enter, just click the pic below and good luck! Don’t forget to check out our many other giveaways on the blog this month and stay tuned for more!


Thank you again to Adam Silvera, you are quite the peach my friend ❤


So the wonderful, beautiful Rachel over at Beauty and the Bookshelf noticed that a bunch of us bloggers were feeling like we were in a slump so she put together this great little challenge to help get us out! Head over to Rachel’s intro post to find out more about it and see if would work for you! Seriously it’s low stress and just meant to be fun!! For today’s festivities we have an interview with me given by none other than me!

Katie: Welcome Katie!

Katie: I am excited to be here today!

K: Let’s start off with an easy question, what are you currently reading?

K: What am I not currently reading!? I’m about a 1/3 of the way into The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner and loving it! The characters feel so real and I love the setting. I also just started The Mirror King by Jodi Meadows because after THAT ENDING of The Orphan Queen I just needed to dive right in. A few others I am currently reading: Borderline by Mishell Baker, Stars Above by Marissa Meyer, Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.

K: I see you are currently reading quite a few books! Why is that?

K: I am such a mood reader! I jump around between young adult and adult, contemporary and fantasy, and even fiction and nonfiction. Typically I don’t read two books that could be similar at the same time, although I am currently reading two YA fantasy books and am trying hard not to mix them up!

K: You read a lot of different genres. Do you have a favorite?

K: Hmm that is a hard one! Most books and series that have become my favorite tend to be YA fantasy books (these tend to be the badass ladies and badass ladies FTW) but I also really like my romance (YA/NA/Adult).

K: Have you always been a reader?

K: Yes! I have always been an avid library goer. The library is within walking/biking distance of my house and I didn’t have to pay for the books. When I was in middle school I loved Harry Potter and Meg Cabot. When I was about 12 or 13 I ran out of Meg Cabot YA titles to read so I started reading her adult books and than more chick-lit and romance. My mom didn’t care what I checked out from the library because I was reading. Honestly I have gone back to read some of the romance books I read at that age and I totally self censored the books.


K: So you read a lot of romance when you were younger, when did you start reading fantasy?

K: It wasn’t until I read Twilight at 17. I know Twilight is paranormal but up until that point I was almost exclusively reading contemporary/realistic fiction. After I devoured all the Twilight books I wanted to read all the paranormal/fantasy/sci-fiction YA books I could! Since then I read a good balance.

K: So Twilight…

K: What about it?

K: So you like Twilight?

K: Is Twilight one of my favorite series? No but it helped me become the reader I am today so I will always love it for that. Also so much of what YA is today comes from Stephenie.

K: OK tell us about what hobbies you enjoy outside of reading.

K: Wait there are hobbies that aren’t reading?? Haha but I love watching TV and movies (maybe a bit too much). I am a very casual gamer. I like to travel (even with my limited funds). I love trying new restaurants but not enough to be a “foodie”.

K: So TV, do you have favorites?

K: DO I? All time favorite would have to go to The Office. I swear dialogue from that show is part of mine now. Another all time favorite would be One Tree Hill. It defined so much of my high school and college years. Currently I am binging Gilmore Girls for the first time and it. is. so. good. Team Luke for everything.


K: You mentioned you are a gamer.

K: I am! I used to be hardcore and play hours everyday but I have really cut back because it became a really time consuming and I was losing sleep. It seems the real hardcore gamers play into the wee hours of the morning and spoiler alert I really like sleep.

K: What are some of your favorite games?

K: My latest game is Fallout 4, which was good but not Fallout 3 good. My all time favorite game would have to be Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I have played that game start to finish at least 3 times. I actually bought an N64 again a few years ago because I wanted to be able to always play it in it’s original form. Now you can play it on tons of different systems.

Speed round!

K: Favorite Food?

K: Donuts. No Pizza! Donuts and Pizza.

K: Favorite color?

K: Pink or Green.

K: Favorite Disney Princess?

K: Aurora.

K: Book Boyfriend?

K: Hector from Girl of Fire and Thorns. (Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door close second.)

K: Starbucks order?

K: Venti Iced Quad Vanilla Latte

I hope I covered enough of myself in this interview! I am always open to questions here or on Twitter. 🙂