About Us

I’m Katie! I am a semi-adult living inIMG_7003 Chicago. I clearly have an obsession with books and started blogging in hopes to spread the love of my favorite books and series. I enjoy reading Young Adult/Teen and New Adult but I always enjoy reading outside my comfort zone. My obsessions outside reading include nail polish (and nail art!), TV, movies and pie. Ok pie is not really an obsession but you will hear me talk about it way more than most people. I am by all means a nerd and would love to talk nerd things with you! Feel free to comment here, send me an e-mail or tweet me. I sometimes like to think I live on Twitter. One reason I started blogging was hopes of finding people who enjoy books and other nerd-y things that I can talk to. My friends are always telling me I tweet too much about books so I came to the blogging world to find people who will appropriate my book related tweets.

IMG_6141Hey there! My name is Kylie. I’m going to leave out my age because no one wants to know how old I am… I live in what I like to call The Cornfields of Chicago, it sucks but I also love it. I suffer from slow-reader syndrome despite my thirst for a delicious story. Young Adult/Teen is my fave, but after recently writing a New Adult book I have been expanding. Divergent is a serious obsession of mine so I apologize in advance if I talk about/reference it a boat load (and I promise I will). Outside of the reading world I like to write. Like I said I recently wrote and self-published a New Adult novel called Heavy Hearts, and I just started a new project which I’m thrilled about. I also have a serious movie watching problem and I totally dig cross-stitching – which is not totally because I’m old, I have been doing it since High School (Go Chargers!). In the online world I’m super approachable, so feel free to chat it up with me here, via twitter, or shoot me an e-mail. In the real world I’m a totally socially awkward potato, but just give me a high-five and it’ll be all good.

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