Night Of Cups by Mina Hepsen Blog Tour (Manicure + Review)

31134410Night Of Cups by Mina Hepsen
Publishing Date October 25th 2016 by The Studio
Source: arc

Sarah was the name they gave her when she was abandoned with no memories. Servantwas what she was called by people who took her in. Hunterwas the reputation she earned among the bloodthirsty Djinn. But when a devastatingly handsome stranger crashes into her with his silver jeep, she is forced to take on a completely new identity…

Star athlete and heir of a multimillion dollar company, Josh Beaumont was someone Sarah should never have crossed paths with. But after the accident, Josh insists that she move in with him until she recovers. Sarah is set on refusing the offer–until she learns that Josh is being stalked by a Djinn more vicious than any she has encountered. A Djinn she doesn’t know how to defeat.

And how can she hunt the creature when she has to deal with Josh’s girlfriend, who sets out to make her life a living hell? What is she to make of Ian, the sharp-tongued outsider who keeps showing up wherever danger lurks? And what if her feelings for Josh prove to be the biggest risk of all? Captivating and witty, Mina Hepsen’s NIGHT OF CUPS is perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare and Jennifer Estep.

Back in September this book fell onto my radar when we were asked to post the cover reveal (check it out) and now I’m pleased to be posting a review! Night Of Cups by Mina Hepsen is such a wild ride, and it balances fantasy and real life so well that the story seems like something that could definitely be happening somewhere in the world right now!

Sarah, or Celine as she’s called through 90% of the book, is a bad-ass Djinn hunter who has landed herself a spot in high school; which is infinitely scarier. So not only is she trying to protect Josh, her new host, but she has to deal with calculus… no no, this isn’t a horror story don’t worry 😉

In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed this book! Like I said, there is a nice balance of fantasy ans real life. One minute Sarah is excorsisng a Djinn and then the next she’s be crowned the towns Maple Queen. An episode of Supernatural meets and ep of One Tree Hill.

There’s something in it for everyone, drama, suspense, twists and turns, magic, and steamy kisses. I Gave Night Of Cups 4 stars, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fantasy, or contemporary fans who want to branch into fantasy.

Night Of Cups eBook is on sale tomorrow, so don’t miss it!

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Onto the manicure!

When the lovely folks at Paper Lantern Lit asked if I wanted to write a blog post on Night Of Cups I was thrilled when the idea of a manicure was brought up. Just looking at the cover I already had so many ideas, and I think all went according to plan for once!


So to start, this was my first manicure where I bought nail stickers. I already new from my History Is All You Left Me mani that I couldn’t draw a crescent moon without it looking pathetic. So I hopped on Etsy and got these moon nail stickers from Beyond The Nail, which are awesome!


In addition to the nail stickers I used Wild Card by Revlon Color Stay and Purple Icon by Maybelline Color Show. I also used a random no name bottle or star sparkles, which I grabbed the stars from and placed them individually on my nails instead of brushing all the sparkles on.


I think this mani came out fantastic and I enjoyed creating it almost as much as I enjoyed this book!

Again, Night Of Cups by Mina Hepsen is out TOMORROW!! Don’t miss this one.

More about Mina:

mina-hepsen-2Mina Hepsen is the pseudonym of Turkish author Hande Zapsu-Watt. Growing up between Germany and Turkey, she studied political science and philosophy at Tufts University in Boston before receiving a Phd from the University of Edinburgh, where she went on to teach English literature and creative writing. She is the author of 6 novels and several children’s books, which have been translated into German, Spanish and Turkish. Currently she moves around the globe, while she continues to write, teach, and study languages.



Thanks to the amazing people at Paper Lantern Lit for providing me with an advanced copy of Night Of Cups in exchanged for an honest review.

❤ Kylie


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