Gemina Mani + Giveaway


So this post was totally supposed to include a review as well, but I got a precious kitty this weekend sooo my mind was occupied with cuteness. BUT I still want to share my nails and set up this giveaway, so here we go!

Oh, but I will point out that the first 200 pages of this book are AMAZING!


These photos don’t do my nails the full justice they deserve, but I was in a hurry the day I took these and I didn’t have time to set up my tripod and swap out lenses to get some extreme close ups. I also didn’t tale any progress pics, man I’m a mess… did I mention I got a cute kitty this weekend???

So this mani was pretty much the same technique I used in the galaxy mani back in may. One base coat plus lot of sponged on layers of colors that compliment the book cover! BAM! My base coat was White On by Sally Hansen (which oddly enough I like more than the OPI one I normally use, the Sally version was less streaky.) Then I used Black Matte by Maybelline Color Show, Blue Me Away by Sally Hansen, Breezy Blue by Sally Hansen and Blue Bombshell by Maybelline Color Show. Basically just wait for your base coat to be all nice and dry ad then sponge bits of the other colors on in whatever ransom fashion you want. Then to top off the mess of color, on my thumbnail I took a paint brush dipped in black paint and made a strikethrough, and on my middle finger I did the same thing with some white paint to make it look like a strip of white out.


So sorry I was spacey on the progress pics, review, and all that jazz, but I do have a giveaway for a Gemina arc signed by both Jay Kristoff and Aime Kaufman! So there’s that! Be sure to enter below!!


And just to prove that I had some serious distractions, here is a picture of my sweet Ripley!



6 thoughts on “Gemina Mani + Giveaway

  1. Mara says:

    OMG, THAT CAT IS SO ADORABLE! Being unable to post a Gemina review is so understandable now. If I were you I’d probably just roll on the floor and play with that cat all day. xD Also, those nails are so cool! I like how they fit the book cover so well, even the “exploding puff of smoke” effect (am I making any sense here). I’m not the type who paints their nails a lot but if I ever will, that’ll definitely be an inspiration for my nails next time! Great post, Katie!

    • Kylie says:

      Thanks for the kind words! This is my post, by the way 😉 I know it’s hard to tell since the wordpress theme we’re using doesn’t have an option to display authors… which is weird. But thanks again! -Kylie

      Ps. I finally finished Gemina and it’s AMAZING!

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