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I am so excited to be apart of THE LOOSE ENDS LIST blog tour! I knew when I saw this cover that I would have to try and recreate this look. I started with a yellow base coat. This is Nicole Yellow It’s Me. I personally think yellow polish looks odd with my skin tone. Not sure if I have ever worn this alone. My nails are kind of short right now but I think this whole look, looks good on shorter nails!


I was originally going use tape and make a consistent pattern across my nails but after studying the cover it is a bit more random. I used a flat tipped brush and did a random chevron pattern over the whole nail. Patterns like this make me happy because I can cover up mistakes very easily.    1CCpIND3

Next I decided to add detail to my thumb. I think the anchor turned out adorable and will definitely be doing anchors more often.

ANEBH2xH   dstmtJAR 

I ended up trying to add the banner on top of the anchor and flowers and felt very “meh” with how that turned out but I think adding another anchor to my middle finger was a good choice. Overall I love all the colors together!


Other colors I used: Green – Julep Leah, Purple – Julep Anne, White – Ulta Snow White, Pink – OPI Don’t Know…Beets Me


Seventeen-year-old Maddie O’Neill Levine lives a charmed life, and is primed to spend the perfect pre-college summer with her best friends and young-at-heart socialite grandmother (also Maddie’s closest confidante), tying up high school loose ends. Maddie’s plans change the instant Gram announces that she is terminally ill and has booked the family on a secret “death with dignity” cruise ship so that she can leave the world in her own unconventional way – and give the O’Neill clan an unforgettable summer of dreams-come-true in the process.

Soon, Maddie is on the trip of a lifetime with her over-the-top family. As they travel the globe, Maddie bonds with other passengers and falls for Enzo, who is processing his own grief. But despite the laughter, headiness of first love, and excitement of glamorous destinations, Maddie knows she is on the brink of losing Gram. She struggles to find the strength to say good-bye in a whirlwind summer shaped by love, loss, and the power of forgiveness

LINKS: Indiebound | B&NAmazon | The Book Depository


Carrie Firestone has lived in rural, urban, and suburban places, and, while she currently  lives in the suburbs, she is decidedly a CITY person. She loves parties, and all kinds of music, and books about random people doing random things in random places. She loves to travel with her husband, and two daughters, Lauren and Emily. When she isn’t writing, you might find her reluctantly sharing her popcorn at the movies, trying to get people (or dogs)  to do a conga line, or adding items to her loose ends list.

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Tour Schedule:

Week 1:

6/6: Katie’s Book Blog – Review
6/7: The Irish Banana – Q&A
6/8: The Hardcover Lover – Review
6/9: Polished Page-Turners – Cover Manicure
6/10: Lost In Lit – Review

Week 2:

6/13: YA Reads – Guest Post
6/14: Reading Teen – Review
6/15: A Book & A Latte – How I Write
6/16: Once Upon A Twilight – Review
6/17: Actin’ Up With Books – Cover Recreation


3 Finished Copies of THE LOOSE ENDS LIST (US Only)


4 thoughts on “THE LOOSE ENDS LIST BOOK COVER MANICURE (+ giveaway!!)

  1. Zoe says:

    OH MY GOSH YOUR MANICURE IS FANTASTIC! It is absolutely amazing – I wish I had the talent to do something like that. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fantastic post! ❤

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