Scribd Appreciation Post


I am constantly telling my book nerd friends how much I love Scribd, and it only makes sense to shout out my love for this service on the blog!

First, what is Scribd? Well, Scribd is a subscription service for audiobooks, ebooks, and more.


What you get with a subscription to Scribd is 3 eBook and 1 audiobook credit a month that can be used in the HUGE library! There are also comics, sheet music, and documents – which to be honest I’m not quite sure what that entails, but I’m sure it’s a cool feature for those who have a use for it. I use my audiobook credit right away every month, but for the eBook credits I find myself accumulating them (which you can accumulate up to 3 months worth) or just using them on books I know I’ll want to read later. This isn’t for lack of content though, more like there’s too much to choose from and I’m a slow reader. There are so many books to choose from, in every genre you can think of, and a ton of new releases and bestsellers.

Here’s a look a my current library. Some of these books are ones I’ve used my credits on and are in my library for me to go back to whenever, and some are part of Scribd Unlimited or Scribd Selects (which I’ll talk about in a second)


Scribd Unlimited and Scrib Selects: these are audiobooks and eBooks that you don’t have to use one of your monthly credits on. Unlimited are titles that are always free to read and never expire, while Selects are books chosen monthly that will be free for a certain amount of time and then expire. There are great titles in both unlimited and selects, but my favorite thing to do at the beginning of the month is check out the new selects. This month I was pumped to find that More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera was on the audiobook select list. Last month Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda was among the audiobook selects. My point is, these are sought after titles. So many good books are available every month, and then I still have my credits to spend. I have never listened to as many audiobooks as I have in the last few months that I’ve had Scribd.

The best part about all of this has to be the price. You ready for this? All this sweet sweet audio and eBook gold is only $8.99 a month!!! That price doesn’t make me cry every month like another audiobook subscription, I’m for some reason still using, does. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aduible too, but $14.99 for one credit a month is pushing my budget a little too much.

Things I would change about Scribd if I could

So let’s recap. 3 eBooks and 1 audiobook a month for less than the price of most paperback books. Have I convinced you yet? Well if I have then use this link to get 2 months FREE! –> CLICK ME! Signing up on your own will gets you a 14-day free trial, but using my link will get you 2 months! That’s 6 eBooks and 2 audiobooks, plus all the selects and unlimited reads you want!

I’ll leave you with this really low quality picture (thanks webcam) of me listening to MHTN while creating this post. Let me know if I’ve convinced you to sign up for Scribd, or just comment if you are a Scribd user yourself and you love it just as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “Scribd Appreciation Post

  1. Mara says:

    I’ve been seeing Scribd a lot for a few years now whenever I’m Googling about books, but I just didn’t have time to figure out what it is or how it works. Now that I know, you’ve got me hooked! I’m definitely going to check out the site now. Wonderful post!

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