Kylie’s BEA & BookCon Wrap-Up


So last week/weekend was Book Expo America and BookCon, and what an experience it was! I want to start by saying thank you to everyone involved. From the good people who accepted us as press bloggers down to the bloggers, educators, and fellow book nerds I met along the way. Shout out to those who were patient with my crippling social anxiety and made me feel so so welcome, you’re the real heroes! And of course thank you to all the authors, publishers, and exhibitors for being totally epic and making dreams come true.

Day 1:

Wednesday, not a lot happened, I’m not going to lie. But I did take the opportunity to meet some of the awesome bloggers who I follow online and to learn the layout of the convention land. It was HUGE! I picked up a couple of arcs, like Blood For Blood by Ryan Graudin (sequel to Wolf By Wolf – which I have, but haven’t read yet.. oops) and A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess. I was feeling less than perfect, so I cut the day short, but Katie was da best and picked me up a copy of Lauren Oliver’s Replica at the end of the day!


Day 2:

Thursday was magic. I still wasn’t feeling well, but just the fact that I was going to be seeing Adam Silvera later in the day made me power through. I started the day with seeing Ransom Riggs at the Penguin booth. I thought he was signing arcs for Tales Of The Peculiar, but they were just chapter samplers. However, I’m always pumped to see Ransom any chance I get so I was happy to be there. From there I walked the show floor, picked up some arcs, chatted with some peeps, stood in some lines, and just had a good time! I got to meet Jennifer Niven and get her new book Holding Up The Universe to send off to a lovely friend in California. I’m not the biggest fan of her first book, but she was a lovely human to meet. From there I hovered until it was time to see Adam. They started passing out the arcs for History Is All You Left Me, and if I wasn’t IMG_0003surrounded by hundreds of people I would’ve started crying right there. It’s no secret that this is my most anticipated book of 2017,and Adam is one of my favorite humans on this planet. So thank you times a million to both Adam Silvera and SoHo Teen for putting this book into my hands.

From there we put ourselves into a Lyft and headed off to do some partying. Thanks to Macmillan for hosting an awesome blogger party!

Thursday was a pretty great day!

IMG_0110Day 3:

If Thursday was a pretty great day, then Friday was an epic day. I actually didn’t do that much, but the little that I did was fantastic. Since my first actual line wasn’t until 2:00pm I did a good amount of floor walking when I first got there. I met some good people standing in line for David Arnold and we bonded over, well book.. what else? Getting a signed arc for Kids of Appetite was highlight number one of my day. I loved Mosquitoland and I’m ready to get into his next book. Plus getting another chance to hang out with Adam again was of course a highlight. I adore these two and I will cherish this photo forever.

Highlight number 2 of the day, and one that is neck and neck with highlight number 1, was meeting Alyson Noel. I was excited to get her new book Unrivaled, but mostly I just wanted to meet her and tell her how important her Immortals series was to my future reading career. Most people have Twilight to thank for their YA awakening, but for me it was Evermore. So I was really excited to see her and tell her thank her for those books. Getting Unrivaled was of course a sweet sweet bonus!

IMG_0098Highlight number 3 was of course meeting the lovely, and tall, human Jay Kristoff! He was so sweet to be constantly chillin’ with his fans and taking time to talk to us. Have I ever mentioned how authors are some of my favorite types of people?


So BookCon was on Saturday, and what a ridiculously crazy day it was. First and foremost, I had a lot of fun. However, given the chance to do this all again, I would do BookCon differently or possibly not at all. There were SO many people! Given that it was the only day where non-industry people could attend I was expecting a hoard of teens, but what we walked into was even more epic than what I imagined. (I was accompanied by two of my best book friends, Layla and Vi, so when I refer to ‘we’ I mean them and I)


Despite the longer than life lines and the hoards of people, we did have a good time. The numbers of people were overwhelming, but in the end I’m just so happy to see so many teens and book nerds who are excited about reading and meeting their favorite authors. It was a tiring, but good day! Between the three of us we met Morgan Matson, Danielle Paige,IMG_0122 Laini Taylor, Hannah Hart, Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman, William Ritter, and Nicola Yoon. My highlights were getting the Gemina arc from Jay and Aime, and seeing Nicola Yoon again and getting The Sun Is Also A Star! My third most anticipated arc of the event!

In fact, BEA/BookCon was were I got three of my most anticipated second novels from some of my favorite 2015 authors: History Is All You Left Me, Kids Of Appetite, and The Sun Is Also A Star! I’m excited for all the books I received, and I fully plan on reading and reviewing every single one. Some of them when I got them signed they are personalized so I will keep them and cherish them, but most I just got signed so I can share the love with someone who doesn’t have the same chances we do. So look out for those reviews and giveaways in the future.

My final book haul. 28 books total that I am stoked to read!


At the end of the day BEA/BookCon was an experience that I will treasure forever. The whole thing was very hard for me to step out of my introvert comfort zone, but I’m proud that I did it. I look back on each day and there are things I wish I would’ve done differently, things I could’ve said or done, but since I don’t have a time machine I have to accept it. It’s really hard for me to be outgoing, and some people can respect that and be welcoming, but some people just brush me off thinking I’m just being rude. It’s a daily struggle being socially anxious- being so scared to even say hello to someone, but I try not to dwell on the things I could’ve done differently.

One last thank you to everyone involved! Again, I’m going to treasure this amazing opportunity forever.

Did you go to BEA or BookCon? If so, what was your favorite highlight?

5 thoughts on “Kylie’s BEA & BookCon Wrap-Up

  1. katheryn13 says:

    I know what you mean about social awkwardness. I went to yallwest and had a press pass but when my friend wasn’t with me, I basically just sat at the table (when I was having a break) staring (not creepily tho) at the authors around me who I’d love to say hi to. But I can’t even do that. It’s terrifying. Anyway I’m glad you had an amazing time at BEA. I’m planning on going next year so it’s great to get perspectives from those that have been before. It’s making me both really excited and nervous. Lol.

    • Kylie says:

      It’s a struggle, but we make due with what we have going on inside. The nice thing about BEA is that there is so much going on that for the most part there isn’t any time for social awkwardness. Hope you make it next year and have an amazing time!

  2. Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books says:

    I’m so happy you had a good time at BEA. It’s nice to read about someone who has social anxiety coming out to such a big event and enjoying it. Kids of Appetite was one of the books I didn’t end up getting at BEA that I did actually want (I’m not complaining bc I got SO many awesome books… too many probably), but I will be picking it up when it comes out bc it sounds like something I would love. I’ll be on the lookout for your review 🙂 I don’t think I crossed paths w/ you this year, but if you go next year, maybe I will 🙂

  3. Moriah Bolyard says:

    What a haul! 😀 Despite your fears, it looks like you had an awesome time overall. I just went to BookCon and, yeah, I was beyond terrified. But I took my boyfriend along with me, so it wasn’t horrible. I definitely couldn’t go alone for my first time. I would die. But now I’m thinking, if the timing is right, that I might try going to BEA next year as well. It just looks like such a blast–and way more relaxed.

    So jelly you snagged Gemina! The timing of it didn’t work out for me. Oh well. 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to all your reviews~

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