Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Review + Giveaway

23734628Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Published: February 25th 2016 by St. Martin’s Griffin
Source: Purchased 

Simon Snow just wants to relax and savor his last year at the Watford School of Magicks, but no one will let him. His girlfriend broke up with him, his best friend is a pest, and his mentor keeps trying to hide him away in the mountains where maybe he’ll be safe. Simon can’t even enjoy the fact that his roommate and longtime nemesis is missing, because he can’t stop worrying about the evil git. Plus there are ghosts. And vampires. And actual evil things trying to shut Simon down. When you’re the most powerful magician the world has ever known, you never get to relax and savor anything.

Carry On is a ghost story, a love story, a mystery and a melodrama. It has just as much kissing and talking as you’d expect from a Rainbow Rowell story — but far, far more monsters.

Reading Fangirl, I was all about Cather and Levi. The Simon Snow stuff was fun, but I was more distracted by a tall barista bringing Cath white chocolate mochas, aka the most delicious Sbucks drink on the planet, therefore Levi is the perfect man in my eyes. Point is, when I found out Rainbow was writing Carry On, I was pumped for more Rainbow, but unsure of the content as I am not a lover of the one called Harry Potter. However, I tend to put a lot of faith in the authors I adore, and if they said they were going to write a journal logging their bowl movements I would be like “YEAH I’M PUMPED FOR THAT!” because I believe in support. A good support system will take you far, and until any of these amazing authors do something truly awful, they will never lose my support. I’m rambling… the long-story-short version is this: I was excited for more Rainbow and skeptical about the story. In the end I came out with a new favorite ship who I will covet until the day I die. My name is Kylie, and I am SnowBaz trash.

Super-amazing-totally-delicious-gay-shipping aside, this book was amazing. Rainbow is so freaking talented that my mind literally wants to explode when I think about it. She was able to take some snippets of info that we learned in between the chapters of Fangirl and make one book that was supposed to be the last book in a ‘series’ and, I personally, felt like I had known these characters forever; that I had been reading about Simon and Baz’s rivalry for years. All of this in one book. It was amazing.

My favorite part of Carry On, besides the SnowBaz of it all, was the spells. Pure. Genius. I mean come ON! “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” as a diversion spell and “Scooby Dooby Doo where are you?” as a finding spell! Even the ones that weren’t pop-culture references, like “Cat got your tongue” as a muting spell and “Fine tooth comb” as a searching text spell, are just genius. I enjoyed the spells almost as much as I enjoyed Simon and Baz’s first kiss ❤ #onloveslightwings

I don’t think I’ll ever love a ship as much as I love my sweet gay wizards. I have a looooong list of ships I cry over, but even the mention of SnowBaz makes me starts blushing and giggling and I just can’t hold back the mushy tears. I love those boys, and I was so excited when Katie said we have a hardcover copy of Carry On to giveaway and I could post about my feels! So be sure to enter and I hope you love this story just as much as I do!


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15 thoughts on “Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Review + Giveaway

  1. wonderfilledreads says:

    Okay, I enjoyed Fangirl but I honestly had no desire to ever read another Rowell novel. But I keep seeing Carry On everywhere and I like that it’s a fantasy and not a contemporary, so it’s been on my TBR now for a while. Also, everyone is in love with Simon and Baz so I just have to see what the deal is with these two characters!

  2. La La in the Library says:

    I have written fanfic in a way. Back when my son was young and the Harry Potter books were still coming out (when we started reading them only two were published) I wrote stories about a nine year old American witch based on that wizarding world. Thanks for this stellar giveaway!

  3. Moriah Bolyard says:

    What a precious review! You’ve got me feeling giddy now, too, just from having read it. ❤

    And…well, not really. I haven't written fanfiction since I was 10 and where I imagined myself as a Harry Potter character in some silly notebook. It was entirely embarrassing and probably adorable. Alas, I no longer have that notebook (probably for the best).

  4. Morgan @ Gone with the Words says:

    SnowBaz was so great! I really enjoyed Carry On; I worried that it would be too much of a Harry Potter rip off but I liked how she alluded to the series/story while making it her own fantasy world. Plus all those scones! Haha. And I loved Penelope too. Definitely a fun book.

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