Happy Four/Four Day!


It’s April fourth and as any Divergent fan knows it is Four Day! Today not only are we going to celebrate the heck out of our favorite Dauntless cutie, but we’re going to be giving away 4 copies of Four: A Divergent Collection. That’s right initiates, 4 chances to win one of these babies!

And by celebrate Four I of course mean drool over these gifs of Theo James, because is he not the most delicious thing ever?






I don’t know about you but I could watch Four take of his shirt for hours… also that shower scene from Allegiant?! One of the more captivating moments of the film ((PS. later in the week I’ll finally be sharing my review for the Allegiant movie (plus more giveaways) so stay tuned for that!))

Let’s not forget how much we love Theo when he’s just being himself. Personally I think the movies would be a lot less enjoyable if it weren’t for this gorgeous goofball <4



Some of my favorite Theo faces!



Hot damn indeed Theo, hot damn in-deed

tumblr_nhp24pmSpb1sg74x4o1_250Who else is planning on stalking this mans house? Not me of course….


Gotta love a man who knows his flamingos!


I hope you didn’t drool all over your computer, rendering it useless, because you still need to enter our giveaway! We’re giving two copies away here, on the blog, and then be sure to find both Katie (@polishedpage) and I (@kyliekaemke) on Twitter where we’ll each be having a flash giveaway for a copy. I promised you four chances and that you shall get! So enter our blog giveaway by clicking the image below, hope the rest of your Four/Four is amazing, and we’ll see you on Twitter!


6 thoughts on “Happy Four/Four Day!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Theo is gorgeous physically, but I actually find his mind and portrayal of Four to be realistic and beautiful. There is so much more to him than meets the eye. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Jackie says:

    I love Four’s personality in the book and the fact that he shows a different side of him to Tris. Plus…. Theo James. 💕

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