November 2015 Wrap-Up

So November is notoriously a terrible reading month for me. I think I average about 5 books where as most months are anywhere from 10-15 books read. It really does not help that one of my most anticipated games came out (Fallout 4!!) and sucked up ALL my reading time.

Total books read in November: 5 (including a reread of Cinder)

I had some epic plans to reread all the Lunar Chronicle books before Winter came out (including reading Fairest for the first time). That did not happen. I was able to get through Cinder, which I think I love more every time I reread! I started Scarlet but found myself in possession of Winter a few days earlier than anticipated and knew I had to drop everything to read. Part of me thinks I wasn’t able to pick up another science fiction/fantasy title the rest of the month because I was still in awe of the perfection that is Winter and The Lunar Chronicles.

The other 3 books I finished in November were all contemporaries, ranging in YA, NA and adult. I will hopefully have all 3 reviewed in the next week or so but they were all enjoyable!


How was your November? Hopefully you read more than me!

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