Night Huntress Series Review Part 1


October was not a very good reading month for me but I did listen to quite a few audiobooks. Most of the ones I finished are in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I managed to finish book 1 and 2 in the series as well as 2 different novellas. Because there are several different series in the Night Huntress universe, as well as several novellas, I referenced Jeaniene’s website for the correct reading order.


I am loving the story of Cat and Bones thus far. Cat is pretty fierce on her own but you add in the ever lovable Bones and I find myself not being able to stop. Just when I think I am over reading about vampires, I find another series that I find just as addicting as the last one. I am enjoying the vampire mythology that Frost has created, going off some existing myths and introducing her own twists.

I have also listened to the audiobooks for the first to novellas in the series. I can say at this point that they are not needed to understand what is going on in the main storyline. There is the chance for characters in the novellas to come up in later books. I found both novellas enjoyable but not necessary (at this point).

Tavia Gilbert does the narration for both the books and the audiobooks. She does a fabulous job but there is a part of me that wish Bones sounded more masculine. This is usually something that happens in audiobooks and found it something that doesn’t bother me personally but it could deter some away from listening to the audiobooks.

Overall I would recommend this series thus far and I am excited to continue!

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