Americosis Vol. 1 By Haydn Wilks

americosisAmericosis Vol. 1 by Haydn Wilks
Published: July 9th 2015 by Dead Bird Press
Source: Review eBook via Dead Bird Press

A naked man arrives in New Mexico claiming to have traveled through time.
He says that he’s America’s savior.
A bizarre sexually-transmitted infection in New York takes control of people’s bodies and burns them out in an incessant drive to infect others.
And a Presidential candidate is conversing with angels.
His aides think he’s crazy.
The electorate might not agree with them.
It could all be madness. It might be the apocalypse.
Americosis. An epic genre-bending mash-up of sci-fi, horror, thriller & dark comedy. VOLUME 1 This short novella introduces the series. It’ll leave you begging for more..

I received a free copy of Americosis in exchange for an honest review. I love to take requests from the unknown, being an unknown author myself. Sometimes I read some real winners, and there’s other times when they are so bad I stress about writing a review. Americosis falls somewhere in the middle on that spectrum.

It’s very strange, and it sounds strange from the synopsis, so it’s not like it was a shock. I knew going into it that it was going to be very different from anything I normally read, and that was what drew me into it in the first place. So in that aspect I wasn’t disappointed. It had a bizarre way about it that kept me reading because I needed to know more.

The language was really odd and exciting also. The several separate narratives between characters would flow together in ways that trying to explain them seems confusing, but when read they just make sense.

It’s hard to review a novella that is the start of the series, it’s more like taking a complete 400-page novel and only reviewing the first 5 chapters. I had this problem in my last review which was also the first among many volumes. It seems to be a trend, but it’s not one that I think I want to get into. They make for fast reads, but it’s hard to want more when not much happens to make you crave more. The way Americosis ends does leave you with unanswered questions, but I’m just not sure it’s enough to get readers to come back.

I gave Americosis 3 stars because of bizarre originality and interesting design. Had this been a full completed novel I could definitely see myself enjoying it so much more and giving it a higher rating, but as of now with what story is available it will remain a 3. I’ll pick up Vol. 2, but I don’t think I’m in any rush.

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