The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Review


The Fixer (The Fixer #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published:July 7th 2015 by Bloomsbury Children’s
Source: ARC via Bloomsbury (thanks!!)

When sixteen-year-old Tess Kendrick is sent to live with her older sister, Ivy, she has no idea that the infamous Ivy Kendrick is Washington D.C.’s #1 “fixer,” known for making politicians’ scandals go away for a price. No sooner does Tess enroll at Hardwicke Academy than she unwittingly follows in her sister’s footsteps and becomes D.C.’s premier high school fixer, solving problems for elite teens.

Secrets pile up as each sister lives a double life. . . . until their worlds come crashing together and Tess finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy with one of her classmates and a client of Ivy’s. Suddenly, there is much more on the line than good grades, money, or politics, and the price for this fix might be more than Tess is willing to pay.

Holy wow was this good!! Not too often do I read a book in a single day, it is even less often that I read a book in a single sitting. I am in awe how quickly I got sucked into this story and wanted to find out the who, what, where, when, why. The pacing was spot on to keep the reveals coming to keep me interested but not revealing too much too soon.

I will start by saying the premise itself was unique to me. The book is advertised as “Scandal meets Veronica Mars” but I haven’t actually watched either of these shows (they are both on my to watch list but BOOKS) so I cannot confirm or deny if this is true. BUT I may need to lose myself in one of them until the sequel for The Fixer comes out because I need more badass ladies running around and being awesome!

Tess is great. I liked her from the beginning and still find her charming even when she does something that makes me question her. She is very similar to her sister and she quickly finds herself fixing the lives of the peers around her without meaning. Her innate draw to this lifestyle quickly ends up with her and her sister butting heads and disagreeing. Tess is strong willed and once she sets her mind to something nothing and no one will stand in her way.

I think one of the key reasons for me devouring this so quickly was the focus on family and friendship. There are many YA books, especially thrillers and mysteries, that have a big focus on the romance and it was really refreshing to read a book that put a heavier focus on building the family and friendship bonds. It also allowed for Tess to establish herself. Tess moved schools and I am sure finding a boyfriend is not high on her list. She is trying to find her place in her sister’s world and I am glad she didn’t find it in the arms of the first swoony boy who talked to her. This being said I do eagerly await to see if and how Barnes will add romance in later books because we are introduced to some potentials in book 1. My only hope is that there is still a strong focus on awesome female relationships!

This book has a lot of twists and honestly I saw almost none of them coming. Personally I am a reader who does not call twists correctly as all. I will be dead set on something and NOPE I WAS TOTALLY WRONG (seriously I am wrong almost 100% of the time). I found myself audibly reacting to some of the twists and maybe shouting some words at this book. A lot of things get wrapped up at the end but there is more story to tell so I am going to need book 2 now, yes?

I highly, highly recommend checking this one out! I know it is really cheap on Amazon right now. You will now find me either lost in Veronica Mars or reading Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ backlist because HOLY COW DO I HAVE A LOT TO CHOOSE FROM!

3 thoughts on “The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – Review

  1. Alexa S. (@alexalovesbooks) says:

    I’ve certainly heard nothing but praise for The Fixer! It does sound like it’d be a fun whirlwind of a read, and I think I’d rather enjoy it. Like you, I’ve not really seen either one of these shows… But maybe I’ll read this one first, and if I enjoy it, consider watching 😉

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