The Fandom of the Month Club Review: April 2015

I have seen several people posting pictures from their Fandom of the Month Club boxes on Instagram. I looked into the box I found that it was a great price of everything included in the box. The fandom isn’t known so there is a chance you will get items from a fandom you aren’t apart of but from looking at pictures there is always a piece or two that fits into the month’s fandom but can also just be cute jewelry. I signed up and decided this would be my trial month and if I really felt like I wasn’t getting my money’s worth I would cancel. I am very happy I gave it a try this month because the theme is HARRY POTTER!IMG_6790
The packaging is cute! I really like the quote printed on the bag, not very sure what I will use the bag for again tho.


Golden Snitch earrings! I really like these. I have eyed them several times and am happy I waited.


This ring is cute but a HUGE let down. Notice how it’s on my pinky because that’s the only finger it fits on. You would think it would be adjustable but nope! Don’t think I will ever wear this.


This is my favorite piece! I love feathers and there is the added “wingardium leviosa” printed on it.


Very “meh” on the keychain. On one hand yay for Deathly Hallows symbol but on the other hand I really don’t use keychains.

Final thoughts? I am happy with this box. The cost is fairly low and you definitely get your money’s worth. I am going to continue with this one for the time being but I think every month I will teeter on keeping my subscription. I mean how much jewelry do I really need? (I need all the Harry Potter necklaces tbh)

Do you subscribe to The Fandom of the Month Club? Is there a fandom you would love to see featured one month?

One thought on “The Fandom of the Month Club Review: April 2015

  1. rhireading says:

    I signed up for a year in January and this is the first month I didn’t like any of it. Really disappointed. I thought everything this month just looked cheap compared to previous months. The ring is kinda small but it fits my ring finger on both hands so I might keep it and give away the other pieces on my blog.

    The keychain is actually an extra goodie, they were all handmade by one of the other triplets (I follow them all on instagram and one of the sisters runs the club and the others have their own stores). She makes custom phone cases and she posted pictures from when she hand-cut all of the pages and the symbols for making them. I actually don’t really need a keychain myself but I liked it best out of everything because it was made with a real page from one of the books.

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