Event Recap: Richelle Mead

8709528I have been lucky enough to meet Richelle Mead before but I knew when I saw that she was coming back to Anderson’s for The Ruby Circle, I had to be there! Richelle started the evening with a reading from her upcoming YA standalone Soundless. I am always excited for new books from Richelle but her reading definitely has me pumped for the fall. After the reading she opened up for questions from the audience. There were some awesome questions!

  • Someone asked when the next Gameboard of the Gods book is coming. The release of book 3 was on hold for her YA titles because of their popularity. She hopes it will be out soon after Soundless.
  • What made you want to write about vampires? Richelle said why not! No one was writing about vampires when she started writing Vampire Academy.
  • Have you thought about writing Vampire Academy from Dimitri’s POV? NOPE. There is a lot of “off camera” story that Dimitri is apart of and she does not have that plot in her story box.
  • Someone asked about a Vampire Academy prequel from Rose’s parents POV. This one IS in the story box* she’s not quite sure how it came to be and would love to explore it. (I think this would be SO AWESOME!)
  • There is new stuff coming from Richelle coming out next year. It will be a new series not standalone and she hopes to announce it sometime this fall.
  • Richelle talked about using the idea for how would a person be effected by going from deafness to being able to hear to write Soundless. She also had to pay close attention to description of sounds in this novel because if you were deaf, you would describe new sounds differently.
  • Feelings on the Vampire Academy movie? She had fun with it! Plus she knew the cast wanted to be there making the movie and they had fun with it.
  • Julie Plec tweeted something about doing being interested in adapting Vampire Academy. Richelle says she has no idea where the tweet came from and there is NOTHING official. Also, would she really do another vampire project?
  • There was a question about the show Reign and which is her ship. She mentioned how one side of the love triangle has terrible chemistry. (sorry I don’t watch the show so this is lost on me!)
  • What sparked the Georgina series? Richelle wanted to write about a succubus that should’ve been evil but plays on sympathy. Its a story about a girl who wants to find love but should be a man eater.
  • Are you going to go back to Dark Swan? The ending was kinda open ended. Richelle thought the ending was neat but she kinda wants to continue it.
  • Richelle used to write about 4 books a year but now she writes 2 because the time spent on the 2 other books  he does 2 books a year used to do 4 but she has 2 kids now
  • Someone asked if Richelle reads fan fiction. She says she doesn’t but her reason is because she has a hard time dealing with people manipulating her characters. This is why she doesn’t usually listen to her audiobooks because the voice is different than her characters.

*Richelle’s story box is the area in the back of her brain where she stores future story ideas. There are not nearly enough hours in the day for her to write all the stories that hang out there but they still hang out there.


Thank you to Richelle Mead for stopping in Chicago again and always thank you to Anderson’s for bringing awesome authors to the area!

2 thoughts on “Event Recap: Richelle Mead

  1. Sarah (@EscapingSarah) says:

    Awwww, I’m so sad I couldn’t make this event! Thanks for the Gameboard of the Gods info—I was curious about that because I hadn’t heard any news. I am so excited for Soundless, especially after the cover reveal with an Asian model on it! I hope I get to meet her again because I’m moving to her city next year!

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