Becoming Jinn Blog Tour

In the past year I have really fallen in love with novels about jinn. Whenever I hear about a new jinn book, I must have it right away. I think jinni are so cool and I am really happy to have a special guest on the blog. I am SO excited to welcome Lori Goldstein and the the very lovely Azra from Becoming Jinn! Make sure to check out the bottom of the post for a giveaway or two!!

1. What are three little known facts about yourself? I’m a closet binge-watcher of teen shows (can’t let it get out; it’d ruin my cynical reputation); I suck at physics; and I used to be convinced the Loch Ness Monster lived in the ocean at our town beach (hey, I was five, okay, maybe ten…can we forget this question?).

2. What is the craziest Jinn story you heard growing up? My mother never really talked about granting wishes all that much. Or maybe she did, and I just didn’t listen.

3. Where’s your favorite place to hide away from the world and what do you take with you? If I tell you, I’ll have to find a new spot, so, yeah, that’s not gonna happen. What do I take with me? Books, preferably about mermaids, vampires, or zombies—some supernatural creature that, unlike me, doesn’t exist.

4. What lessons from living in the human world do you hope to bring with you to the world of the Jinn? Oh, just a little thing called “free will.” I think the Afrit could use a bit of a lesson on the benefits of choice.

5. What are your favorite books, human or Jinn. The only Jinn book I know of is my family’s cantamen. Filled with magic and spells and as thick as all the Harry Potters put together, it’s a snorefest. My favorite books when I was younger (and, okay, sometimes even now) were the Choose Your Own Adventures. All my adventures are set out for me by someone else. It’s a nice chance of pace to be the one to choose whether to snap on that scuba mask or go through the trap door—the choices and consequences are mine.

6. What’s one thing you’re afraid of that no one knows? Driving. The only power I’ve ever wanted is apporting because I’ll take teleportation over those death traps you call cars any day.

7. What’s your favorite place? Anywhere with sand, especially at low tide, and especially when deserted.

OK time for a quick lightning round…

8. Coffee or tea? Coffee, preferably iced with buckets of sugar.

9. Chocolate or vanilla? That’s insulting to chocolate.

10. Salt or sweet? Seriously? Did you do any research? I’m outta here.

A HUGE thank you to Lori and Azra for stopping by today! The first giveaway is for a finished copy of Becoming Jinn!! Additionally Lori is also giving away an infinity necklace like the one worn by the main character from Becoming JInn. Make sure to add this on to your TBR and if you do happen to preorder you can enter to win additional prizes! Have I used enough exclamation points yet??

22718738      PageTurners Infinity Necklace 


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