Self Published Sundays #16


Have you heard of Swoon Reads? Well if you have then you know that they have a ton of free indie books just waiting for you to read, and if you don’t know.. well then pay attention. Swoon Reads is a place for swoon-worthy young adult literature, and also a place for indie writers to put there work out there and get feedback, fans, and possibly even a publishing deal. It’s actually really great for writers and readers. I almost put my book on there, but they specifically ask for YA-Romance, and I’m afraid mine borders on the New Adult line, so I just opted out. However, I have a wonderful friend who has her book on there right now and I’m here to try and coax you to read it!

My good friend Alice Rachel wrote a book awhile ago called Under Ground. She was delightful enough to read my book, and in return I excitedly accepted to read hers. It was fantastic! Here’s the synopsis:

UnderGroundCoverAliceRachelpngThia Clay gave up on love the moment she was promised to William Fox. In a society where women are treated like possessions, sold into marriage by their families, love is a dream one cannot achieve. When she realizes William is nothing but a cruel, selfish young man, Thia slowly gives in to despair and loses all hope for a bright future… Until she meets Chi Richards, a young rebel from the Underground. Thia finds herself facing two choices: to marry William, thus assuring a lifetime of security and comfort but constant servitude to her husband, or to follow Chi into a life of danger and freedom. Falling for Chi could lead to a death sentence, but Thia is ready to peril her life for one simple chance at being with the one she loves.

I recently got to read the sequel, and it is just as good as the first. So this is definitely a book you are going to want to read now. Go read it on Swoon Reads, like it, rate it, leave comments and reviews. This is a book series that deserves to be on bookshelves next to the other great dystopic YA-novels, and you can brag to your friends how you read the famous Alice Rachel’s books before they were cool 😉

Read it NOW, and in addition to leaving comments on her Swoon Reads page, come back here and let me know what you thought!

Read Under Ground by Alice Rachel

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