Self Published Sundays #15


Happy Sunday writers and readers! Today I want to talk about writing (obvs…) but specifically about letting people read your draft. It’s a scary thing to finally let someone read what you’ve been slaving over and pouring all your sanity – and insanity – into, but it is a must. It took me so so so long to finally work up the courage to let someone read my book, but believe it or not I did it. And you can too!

First things first, revise it yourself. Several times. Then after you’ve done that, revise one more time. Repetition in revision will help you get your story the best it can possibly be to you. Then gather a couple people that you trust, I avoided family because let’s face it they will lie to you and say it’s delightful (at least mine would). Once you have people who’s opinions you can rely on, and also are interested in what you are writing, let them read it. Ask for positive and negative feedback, as well as if they noticed any typos. If you’re like me and you can’t afford a professional editor you’re going to want to use your trusted beta readers to help out with the grammatical errors.

Once you gather back all the reactions from your trusty group you can revise about a billion more times. This is an important step in the self publishing process (and the traditional publishing process I’m sure) because if you have a turd in front of you there is no way to polish it. If you have something promising, then you can revise revise revise and make it work. I would honestly rather have one of my friends tell me I wrote a crappy book then a literary agent, or a slew of readers.

Now, this is all opinion, and just the way I did things. Everyone is different, and I don’t want anyone thinking that I think I’m right, my methods are the best, and everyone else doing it any other way is wrong… no. I’m far from a professional, and trust me when I say I just barely know what I am doing. Writing is a learning process and you can literally never stop learning new ways to become a better writer. I’ve compiled tons of advice and techniques from other authors, and this is how I translated it.

Also before I go I just want to quickly say that I recently changed my book’s price back to $2.99 after having a sale over the holidays, but it takes awhile for the price to switch back… Sooooooo if you’re quick about it you can purchase my book Heavy Hearts for only 99 cents right now 😉

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