baa baa black sheep…

Black Sheep…if you aren’t familiar it’s a term used to describe an odd member of a group or someone who doesn’t agree with the majority. In the book community, people are loud about likes and dislikes. Seeing someone excited about a book frequently happens to a book someone loves because they want to get everyone and their mother to read this book. So a book gets all this great hype and you start getting excited but then you pick up said book and you are sorely disappointed. EVERYONE told you that this book was amazing and you’re over here wondering if you read the same book. Welcome to the black sheep club.


I took to Twitter the other day to find out how many people have felt like the black sheep and more specifically what book made them feel this way. I had an incredible response! I think I can officially say everyone has felt like the black sheep at some point. I heard many responses that shocked me but I heard a few books repeated. Are you still considered the black sheep if there is a group that feels this way? I mentioned to people that they weren’t alone in their feelings about a certain book and they said they were scared they would get backlash from the community for disagreeing.

Most of the time I feel like the black sheep when I read a book that was hyped by friends/bloggers. Now I am not saying stop the hype because sometimes the hype is what gets me to read a book I never thought I would read! However, I think it is important to remember that not everyone is going to love your favorite book. I have never personally seen (or been victim to) a person get backlash for saying they didn’t enjoy a book that is so loved by the community but I would hate to see the day this happens. Every person is different and it important to remember we all enjoy different things!


It’s ok to be the Black Sheep!! Yes I am tragically confused when you tell me you didn’t love Throne of Glass but I get over it quickly because it means I don’t have to fight you for Chaol. Just kidding! Maybe. But honestly it is so fascinating to be apart of a discussion that can be so passion filled. So shout your love and shout your hate because we are all here for the same thing: books. (and being passionate about these books!)

What are some books that make you feel like the black sheep?


3 thoughts on “baa baa black sheep…

  1. Jillyn says:

    The Truth About Alice. I keep seeing this beautiful, profound reviews. It was nominated for a Goodreads choice award even…. I just didn’t get it, at all.

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