Self Published Sundays #10


Currently I am on the road with Katie coming home from YALLFest in Charleston, South Carolina and it has been an amazing weekend! But since we’re on a 14 hour journey, and I get a bit carsick, I’m going to keep this Sunday’s post short.

How’s everyone doin with NaNoWriMo? I’m almost to 12,000 words, which is great, but also behind my schedule a bit. This week has been too hectic for me to write. But I’ll be back into the swing of things tomorrow!

One thing that was delightful at YALLFest was how many authors I actually heard mention NaNoWriMo. Just some further proof that it is something great and not a waste of your time.

So keep it up! I’ll have a better post for you next week cause right now I need to put my phone down and let my eyes rest.

I will leave you with one this. If you are doing NaNo, watch/read the author pep talks. Trust me, they are so helpful.

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