First World Problems – LeighAnn Kopans

19368253First World Problems by LeighAnn Kopans
Published: September 2nd 2014

Source: eGalley from the author (Thanks LeighAnn!!)

Sofia Cole has always been able to get anything she wants through begging, flirting, and shameless manipulation of everyone around her.

Sofia doesn’t think that Dad sending her on a gap service year to Guyana to address how “spoiled” she is will change any of that.

Sofia just might be proven wrong.

I knew after enjoying Solving For Ex earlier this year I needed to read First World Problems. I went into this book with a few expectations and I have to say this book surpassed them! I ended up really enjoying First World Problems. Most books that surround a spoiled character can irritate me for two reasons: the character can be so over the top he or she is unrealistic or the character changes too much or too fast. Neither of these were true about Sophia! I am floored by how real of a character she is.

We met Sophia in Solving For Ex (I recommend that book but it is not at ALL needed before reading First World Problems) I did not like her. She was a major B who needed everything to go her way and if it didn’t she found a way. Her life was fairly easy because is she needed anything she had daddy’s credit card. Well the day came where she spent a little too much of daddy’s money. She is soon whisked away to the jungles of Guyana, which like Sophia I thought was in Africa. Sophia is thrown into a life without so many things she has depended on: her dad’s money, her endless wardrobe and makeup supply, clean sheets and hot water.

I have to applaud Kopans for writing a character arc that was real. At the end of the book Sophia has changed but she is also still so Sophia. She takes the situation she has been put in and makes it work for her. By the end of the story you aren’t rolling your eyes over her spoiled statements but you smile because you are proud of what she has achieved. I also have to say I loved the setting of this book. The scenery was described beautifully and I was easily able to imagine a place I’ve not only never been to but have never heard of!

I haven’t even mentioned Callum yet! You could easily read this book just for him. He is the perfect counteract to Sophia’s spoiled ways. He has grown up under two parents who expect him to do great things on behalf of their relief organization. Callum is not the guy Sophia would typically have fallen for but he ends up helping her in so many ways. It was great to see them supporting each other but also not holding each other back.

Overall I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it! Besides some odd phrasing here and there I could not tell you anything wrong with this book. I laughed more than once and was smirking like a fool at other parts. I cannot wait to read the next companion book in this series!

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