Self Published Sundays #8


I have some exciting ME news this Sunday. I’ve already announced this on my personal blog, but who better to share it with than a bunch of book lovers?

If you’ve been reading these then you know by now that I’ve written and self published my first novel Heavy Hearts. Well now I have a companion novella coming out this Tuesday!

Finn: A Heavy Hearts Novella is a story told from one of the male leads POV. His story was so emotional and I just really felt it needed to be told. I love him, and I hope everyone else can love him too.

So with any new release comes a cover reveal, and I’m excited about this cover which is very similar to the minimalist style of my Heavy Hearts cover. (By the way if any of you indie authors needs a graphic artist I know a fantastic one with reasonable prices!!) So here’s the cover:


This novella will be available for download via Amazon on Tuesday October 7, 2014 for $.99! You can download Heavy Hearts, or buy the paperback, now and possibly devour it before Finn’s debut. This will be me closing the chapter on Heavy Hearts as I transition into something totally new. My new project is nothing like Heavy Hearts, but I am so excited about it! More on that later 😉

An now I leave you with yet another #IndieBooksBeSeen booktuber review. This one is from Kristina Horner:

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