Self Published Sundays #7


This week I want to talk about the importance of reviews. (I know I said two weeks ago that last week I was gonna talk about something different, and now I’m totally not, but remember when I spoke briefly on life? Well, yeah.) So, reviews.

As a completley unknown self published indie author nothing gets readers better than word of mouth. When your trusted book loving friend recommends a book to you do you run out and get it? And do you love it once you have read it? If people are reading our books, and no one is saying how good or bad they are, no one is going to give them a second glance because you wants to read a book that no one has an opinion on? Reviews are super important guys, I can’t stress it enough. And this goes for traditionally published books as well. Believe it or not,just because a book has a publisher such as Harper Collins or Speak doesn’t mean then book is automatically going to get a bajillion readers. Yes there is more marketing done with professionals, but feedback, reviews, word of mouth, ect., are still the best ways to promote your favorite books.

Whether you love a book, or hate a book, try and always hop on Amazon, Goodreads, you blog, anything to get a review in no matter how long or short. Now, this doesn’t mean if you hate a book that it’s cool to completely bash it. Honesty is appreciated but there is a line, I have read some nasty reviews that seemed completely uncalled for. Same goes for positive comments. If you get too gushy, especially on an indie book, the review doesn’t come across as honest and the potential new reader may think it was planted there. [Keep in mind these are all my opinions, I am in no way shape or form telling you how to write a review. If you really feel the book you read and the author that wrote it deserves the hate you’re dishing, or the love your projecting, then by all means have at it.]

This doesn’t only help spread the word, but this also helps the author learn what they are doing right or wrong. Personally, in the beginning all I was hearing was nice comments and that everyone and their mother is loving Heavy Hearts, but let’s be honest… it can’t be that good. It’s my first novel, I didn’t hire an editor, and I know it wasn’t perfect. So I was waiting and waiting and waiting and I finally got my first review that wasn’t 4 or more stars. It was a 3 star review and I was like “YES! SOMEONE DIDN’T LOVE IT!” The comments made were genuine and I respected that. It wasn’t totally what I wanted to hear, and I winced at the word “bullshit” but hey, they were being honest and that’s all I could ask for. Honest reviews help writers become better writers. We can’t please everyone, that would literally be impossible, but if the majority of our readers are saying we suck or we’re great, then we can take that feedback and either change things or continue being awesome.

So take a minute to punch in a review when you turn that last page on your Kindle and the box is right there waiting for your thoughts. Or when you hit the ‘completed’ button on Goodreads add some stars and say a few words. It doesn’t take a boat load of time, and it helps a lot more than you think. Get out there and review people! We’ll love your forever for it 🙂

And now I leave you with another #IndieBooksBeSeen booktuber vid from Ross Palmer-Willmott:

Remember if any of these books sound delightful to you do not hesitate to seek them out, and also leave a review 😉 For more on #IndieBooksBeSeen check out the website and join the movement on social media!

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