Event Recaps: September 2014

I have been fairly busy this September with attending author events. I have been running around so much that I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down and write any recaps so I am going to lump them all in one.

At the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of moderating an event for Sarah J Maas, Susan Dennard and Erica O’Rouke for Sarah’s new book Heir of Fire. If you have been following the blog or my Twitter for awhile, I am sure you have picked up that I like the Throne of Glass series just a tiny bit. Bloomsbury contacted me and asked if I would be interested in moderating and I had to take a minute to prevent myself from sending an affirmative e-mail in all caps.

I didn’t take notes for an obvious reason. Kylie thought she recorded the audio but alas technology failed us so there will not be as awesome of a recap as the MMBB recap. (I still give Kylie mad props for transcribing that). Even though I wasn’t actually on the panel, the three ladies made it seem like I was apart of the group. If you ever get a chance to see Sarah and Susan together, GO! This was the second time I’ve been to an event with both of them and they are so much fun. I already have plans to go to ApollyCON, which they will both be there.

There was over 100 people at the event and Sarah took time to talk to each and every person. I love this about Sarah, she really shows that she cares about her readers.


That same day, Kylie and I made a mad dash for another event: Fall in Love Tour hosted by Atria Indies. This tour featured Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire. We both wanted to go to this event but neither of us cared that we would be late. There was a Q&A but the speaker system in the auditorium wasn’t that great so I couldn’t hear most of the questions or the answers. They jumped quickly into the signing. I didn’t get the chance to talk to the authors as much because they wanted to get everyone’s books signed (and all the authors have multiple books). Something crazy happened at this event: someone proposed to his girlfriend! I thought that was awesome to see. Kylie and I did get to pose for a photo with all three authors!


Fierce Reads made a stop here for it’s first leg of the Fall 2014 tour. This tour featured Ann Aguirre, Marie Rutkoski and Caragh O’Brien. I am always a huge fan of the Fierce Reads tours and they are always so kind to make a stop in Illinois. I didn’t take notes but there was a lot of great conversation about the YA genre. Sometimes I like to just listen at events because the authors are so brilliant that I can’t help myself from listening in awe. If you ever get a chance to go to a event or panel with Ann Aguirre I highly recommend it because she is not only awesome but incredibly well spoken.

I waited till the end of this signing because I had a small stack of books where most other people had only a few. This gave me time to talk to Heidi over at http://yabibliophile.com/ and Mary who is the publicist with Macmillan. When I went up to get my books signed I ended up talking to Ann for awhile about her New Adult series because I have quickly become obsessed with it. It makes me happy when you can tell an author loved writing a book and Ann definitely seemed like she loved writing this series.


The last event I went to was Rick Yancey on his tour for The Infinite Sea. This event was different than the last three because he was alone. There was no formal Q&A, he just took questions from the audience. I have to say that Rick is like an uncle who makes bad jokes but you can’t help laugh. He got to answer everyone’s question and talked a bit about the movie since it has started filming. They quickly went into the signing since they had a bigger turnout than they were expecting. I got to talk to Rick about how his books smell good and THIS IS NOT WEIRD.

I have been busy this month with author events and the month isn’t even over! This weekend I have the YA Lit conference hosted by Anderson’s that has a ton of authors I am excited to see. Next month is also looking very promising for awesome events in the area.

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