Self Published Sunday #6 – #IndieBooksBeSeen Special


My apologies for not posting for a full TWO WEEKS! Can I blame life? Is that a legitimate excuse? … Well it’s what I’m blaming, so there. But today I’m really excited about my post! I’m here to tell y’all about #IndieBooksBeSeen! This movement was started on Twitter by the talented indie author Mark Shaw. Mark wrote The Keeper of the Wind (which was such a great story) and being an indie author he decided he wanted to do something other than sit around and hope his books sold. So he created the hashtag to help get the world aware of indie books.

It started on July 1st when indie authors shared pictures of themselves with their books or posters of their books. Anything that could show the world “Hey, I wrote this, and I’m dang proud!” It was a truly fun day and I felt really connected to a lot of self published authors after that.

Well the madness did not end, and thank goodness. Mark kept it going and other indie authors got involved. Soon #IndieBooksBeSeen was a part of my life and I know I’m not the only one. Anytime I’m posting anything about my book, or my work, I use the tag. On Twitter, Instagram, even Facebook. Heck you remember if you entered my Heavy Hearts giveaway, I even put the tag in the entry tweet. It’s pretty safe to say it’s something that is important to me and I’m so excited it exists.

Since July 1st Mark has put together Booktuber review hauls, he’s encouraging authors to make book teasers that he and other authors are finding shops that will display them, and there is even a website! If you are looking for any good indie books to read, or indie authors to follow, or heck even if you are an indie author looking for advice or want to join the movement, look up the #IndieBooksBeSeen hashtag on Twitter and visit the website to find it all.

So far there have bee 3 Booktuber review videos, but I’m only going to post the first? Why? Well I don’t want to overwhelm you with videos right now. I know sometimes people tend to watch one or two and then they’re like “Oh… I have better things to do.” Maybe, maybe not. So I’ll be sharing one every week until they run out (and hopefully by week 3 there will be some new ones). I know my book will be a part of one and I’m so nervous and excited I just can’t wait.

So check out this #IndieBooksBeSeen book haul/reviews from SandyReadsAlot:

If you can’t wait and you want to watch the other 2 videos head HERE and while you’re there check out the rest of the site. For more on #IndieBooksBeSeen click the hashtag and join the movement! See ya next week where I have plans to do a mini indie review post for a couple of indie books I’ve read recently and also share another Booktuber vid.

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