Self Published Sundays #3


Today is all about process.

So sometimes it helps to talk to other writers about how they write so you can get an idea of some do’s and don’ts in the writing world. Everyone is different, so that’s something that should always be remembered, and no two authors should write alike (hopefully)

It’s also not even totally about knowing what not to do and what to do, but it’s a good insight to know how another writer gets in the zone so you can battle writer’s block. Or I could just be totally wrong and maybe you don’t want to know how someone else gets in the writing groove. Personally I do, and I’ve spoken with several aspiring writers, as well as a few published writers, and have received some great tips.

So my writing process is a mess. I have no rhyme or rhythm to it, I just do it. That can be a problem in the editing process, but for the actual writing process it’s a pretty decent technique I think. I never stop writing, even when it doesn’t make sense. I have this thing with punctuation, I don’t like it. I often will write three paragraphs or pages with no punctuation and then I’m kicking myself because I have to go back and fix it all. Who likes a book without punctuation? I’ve read a couple and they weren’t bad books, but I just don’t think it’s something I can accomplish. Maybe someday.

I normally write at late night. I work during the days and am still in school at 25 years old, so the wee hours of the night are my time to shine. There are some nights where I’ll write from 11:00 pm to almost 4:00 am. Not so good on the whole sleep schedule thing, but it get’s the job done.

Music. I’ve heard many writers say they won’t listen to music because it distracts them, and I’ve heard others say that music drives them. For me personally it can be both. I listen to the Creativity Boost playlist on Spotify, and I absolutely love it. Sometimes, though, I love it a little too much. I can get really into the songs and start singing my heart away and even stopping myself for a dance break. This is where the staying up all night to write thing comes in handy because then I have no one awake to judge me. Another thing that can stop my writing process while I’m jammin’ to some tunes is that I’ll hear something I really like and have to go look up every other song that artist has produced. BUT if I write in silence, I’m utterly lost. It’s a love hate relationship to say the least.

So that’s some stuff. My process is my process and it works for me, so ya know. If you’re a writer I’d love to hear what your writing process is like. Who knows, maybe we could help each other out. I may not have a ton of advice to give, and I’m not a totally successful author (yet) but if there is one thing I can say to you it is this: keep writing, never stop, even when it doesn’t make sense because things can always be fixed in editing and who knows what amazing things you might write while rambling away at the keyboard.

See ya next week readers and writers ❤

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