Comic-Con 2014 (+giveaway)


I didn’t have much on my schedule for Thursday so I walked the entire convention floor. At one point I headed to the Lionsgate booth because I wanted to see how I could get my hands on the Mockingjay Pin. I found out Lionsgate downsized their booth in the convention center because they went all out for Mockingjay Part 1 and had a Hunger Games experience off site. Since I didn’t have any major plans for Thursday (and I wanted to get my hands on the pin ASAP) I grabbed my friend and we went and stood in line. The line was long and it was very hot BtWI9PVCMAAl9ujoutside but WOW was it worth it. They had food and drink inspired by the series at Peeta’s Bakery (cue the feels), they had plenty of people dressed up as if they were from the Capitol or a Peacekeeper and they had A TON of free stuff to do. I ended up with a t-shirt from District 12 and a snazzy photo. I mean I GOT TO SIT IN THE ACTUAL CHAIR THEY USED IN THE MOVIE. It was awesome. I headed back into the convention center to snag Laini Taylor’s autograph in my books.



Friday was the day I was planning on grabbing all the signatures. I ended up meeting Marissa Meyer again, I FINALLY met the duo behind Christina Lauren and had them sign my very large stack of books and I got a Young Elites ARC and chatted with Marie Lu momentarily. I found myself in line for Brain K Vaughn, who is the writer of Saga. He is honestly so kind. I got a picture and BtbwyMaCUAIdldHhe signed a few issues of Saga. Nothing else too exciting was happening so I decided to get in line for Hall H Saturday. The line at this point was already along the bay so I found a spot and settled in until my friends joined me. One of the magical things of Comic-Con happened then: I talked to the Game of Thrones cast. They were apparently on the TV Guide boat that was docked on the pier. The ramp that they happen to take to get off the pier was just 5 feet away from me. I waved to them and said hello. Most of them waved back but the most lovely? Rose Leslie who plays Ygritte. She asked how I was and if I was enjoying my Comic-Con. Seriously SO KIND. Maisie Williams also waved and said hi. The girl sitting next to me snapped a great picture of her waving to me and I made her e-mail it to me.


Saturday was Hall H. The best way I can describe this is all the big hitters for late 2014/2015 have a panel. There was a Hobbit panel that included a blooper reel that had me crying from laughter. They showed the first look at Batman v. Superman (and a Wonder Woman character poster!!). There was also a Women Who Kick Ass panel featuring some AMAZING women. And of course my favorite panel was Avengers that included the Age of Ultron trailer (and multiple gorgeous men on stage). Check out my pictures on Twitter!


Sunday was all about the Young Adult authors. Ransom Riggs was doing a signing at the Quirk Books booth and I swung by to say hi. Tahereh Mafi happened to be there and I got to chat and grab a picture since it can be so hard on panel signings. We chatted a bit before I headed to find some comic books since I was well under my spending budget. I ended up at Image Comics (who publish Saga). There were 2 very lovely ladiesthere that recommended a few series to me and I left happy. It was time for the What’s Hot in YA panel which has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the weekend. This was Btk2_BKCMAAj3bia lot of fun because it features a large variety of authors. Margaret Stohl made an announcement that she is now writing for Disney publishing that is going to be Marvel YA. That was all she could tell us right now BUT I AM SO EXCITED. YA and superheros? I am signed up already. I ended up grabbing a bunch of signatures in the post panel signing. I went back to the floor to say goodbye to some people, especially the Fierce Reads booth because THEY ARE SO LOVELY.

Overall it was another great SDCC weekend. I didn’t grab as much this year as I have in the past but what I did grab I am incredibly excited about. Can’t wait until next year! I have a giveaway for two books: a signed copy of Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren and an ARC of Unmarked. Make sure you indicate which book you would rather win since they are very different genres!


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4 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2014 (+giveaway)

  1. stephaniebrown04 says:

    That is so cool, Katie! I am totally doing SDCC next year. Hopefully I can get a press pass, lol.
    I love that your post was nice, calm, and collected– though I hear it’s pretty much madness onsite. Either way, I’d still love to be in San Diego for the event, even if I don’t get a badge. 🙂

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