Self Published Sundays #1

spsHey fellow readers, writers, and all around book nerds. Thanks for checking out my first Self Published Sunday post. It’ll be a weekly thing where I chat it up about the joys of being a self published author. Sine this is the introduction post I’m really just going to touch base on my first book Heavy Hearts. I self published HH a month ago with Amazon KDP and it’s been quite the experience.

A little back story: I have wanted to be a writer since I was little. I used to write these weird little stories about talking animals, usually dogs, and the little girl (me) who they loved. Let’s just say I was really into The Wild Thonrberrys. I’ve always had a thing for writing, and even if it was bad I did it anyway. I won a short story award in 7th grade English, and that same year I had a god awful poem about Christmas published into one of those books of poems from kids of all ages in different schools around the country. I just love to write. It’s the main reason I became a blogger too, I get to write daily and I adore it. But enough about that boring nonsense…

I started writing Heavy Hearts over a year ago and I wasn’t planning on taking it anywhere serious. I was writing it as a joke for a friend who wanted to read a story about a “Love Square” rather than a triangle – like most stories have. So I started it and just couldn’t finish. Once I was finished I had wonderful friends who read it, gave me feedbakc, helped me edit, and encouraged me to work on publishing. I reached out to literary agents to try and go the legit publishing route, but I got back rejection after rejection and it was discouraging. I know I should’ve kept at it and tried harder, some authors get rejected hundreds of times before they find one who will say yes, but I really just wanted people to start reading my book. So I started researching self publishing and found Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Amazon makes it SO easy for an indie author on a budget. It was literally just all about uploading the word file and the cover art and BAM! I was a self published author. Felt amazing.

Sales haven’t been record breaking, and reviews and feedback are trickling in slower than I had hoped, but I still don’t regret self publishing and I am in now way shape or form discouraged from doing it again. In fact I have 3 companion novellas to Heavy Hearts that will come out later this year and early next.

heavyeditNow, some stuff about my book!


It was Blaise Pascal who wrote “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not,” and that couldn’t be more true for love-struggling Lucy Whitten.

This romantic time jumping tale takes you back into Lucy’s past and spiraling into her present where three men all confess their undying love to her. When she finds herself caught in the center of this epic love triangle it takes a heavy heart to decide whose heart to love, and whose hearts to break.

Sound interesting to you? Let me tell you.. writing a synopsis is harder than writing a book (in my opinion). How the heck am I supposed to write something so short that is supposed to sum up the plot plus draw readers in. It was probably the most stressful part of the whole process. I think I did a halfway decent job though.

Basically what happens is this: It starts in the present tense, Lucy is at her own birthday party thrown by her rich grandmother in the Hamptons. Malcolm is introduced and we find out that he is actually a childhood friend of Lucy’s. Naturally he’s rich and gorgeous, not to mention charming, so Lucy is almost instantly smitten when he asks her on a sort-of date later that same evening. All seems to be going slightly well until Simon shows up at the same party.

Then the story jumps backwards to Lucy’s summer in London with her best friends Adam and Suzette, and where she meets Simon. Lucy and Simon have a steamy foreign love affair in which they both agree that it’s just a summer fling and Lucy will have to return to New York at the end of the summer to start College. But of course when does anything go to plan?  She ends up leaving London completely heart broken and seeing Simon again at her birthday party is a lot for her to take.

So then we’re back in the present. Lucy tries to deal with Simon, who is there to win her back, and Malcolm at the same time. Malcolm ends up also professing his love to her. He claims he’s always had feelings for her since they were kids and just has never found the right moment to tell her. If two guys wasn’t enough the next day Finn shows up to also win her back.

Once Finn enters the picture we once again hop back in time to when Lucy had her first ever love with Finn. he’s a cowboy so there’s lots of sexy horseback riding and, since it’s a hot summer, lots of naked pond swimming. Things once again go wrong and Lucy sulks back home carrying the pieces of her heart in her hands.

So now we’re back in the present and the rest of the story stays in the present as Lucy has to figure out what is best. Does she pick her first love, Finn? Her epic foreign love, Simon? Or the possible new love, Malcolm?

Lot’s of stuff happens, there is some tragedy, there’s sex, and there’s a lot of Lucy making mistakes trying to figure out the mess she’s in. I love the story, and I hope that you’ll check it out and possibly love it too! Since it has been a month since release I’m celebrating with Kindle Deals. So if this all sounds like something you’d want to read then starting tomorrow Heavy Hearts will be on sale for 99 cents! Tuesday it will be on sale for $1.99 and then Wednesday it goes back to it’s original price of $2.99 (which is still a deal in my opinion).

Check out HEAVY HEARTS on Amazon, and come back next Sunday when I’ll talk more about the ups and downs of self publishing!

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