Hello! How are you? It’s been awhile hasn’t it? But guess who’s back *cues Eminem*


I’m getting back into blogging!! Because that wasn’t obvious before…and I think it’s finally for the right reasons. I’m not saying in the past I was blogging for the wrong reasons but they just weren’t right. I have recently started collaborating with a few other bloggers for an upcoming event and it just got me excited and ready to start spreading book love all over again. That is the main reason I wanted to start again because there is so much book love in me that I need to share.

This time around I don’t feel pressured into posting everyday. In the past I thought that was so important but I know that it’s quality and not quantity that is important here. I’m not going to force myself to review every book I read. If I go to write a review and it isn’t happening, I’m not going to force it because not only is that review going to suck to write but it will probably suck to read.

Something else that is awesome this time around is that I brought in a co-blogger! Kylie here has been a good friend in the last year or so and I am so happy to have her helping me out. I’ll let her tell you more about herself but I am SO excited about sharing a space with her.

Other that all that nothing will be too different. I’ll still be doing event recaps (because I love those) and not too much is going to change around here for the time being but I am excited to start this journey again!

xx Katie

Hi hi hi! I’m Kylie. I’m super excited that Katie asked me to be her co-blogger. I write for a few other blogs out in the world (mainly film related), but since I got big into reading a few years ago I had always wanted to write a for a book blog. However due to my slow-reader syndrome (it’s a thing) I was always skeptical to start my own for fear of like, never posting. Then here comes Katie to the rescue. My hero.

Don’t let my slow reading turn you away though, I do have a thirst for great stories and I’ll eventually get to all the ones in my TBR – which is massive by the way…

I’m mostly excited for all the new things I’m going to learn and all the things I’ll get to share with all of you. I tweet like a mad man, but there is only so much you can get out in 140-characters, and surprisingly I do a good amount of cool book nerdish related things in my life. So here’s to starting new chapters with amazing friends and wonderful stories. I look forward to getting bookish with you all (ps. be prepared for a lot of cheesy-ness cause I’m full of it…)

❤ Kylie

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