Divergent Premiere Chicago! (+ Divergent Movie Review)

This is one of those days I am so thankful I stalk Twitter and have Fangirl friends. Well I am thankful for Fangirl friends everyday but especially now. Yesterday I got the chance to not only see Divergent early, but got to meet some of the cast! I got tickets after seeing information posted on Twitter and a few of my Fangirl friend’s texting me. My guest (who is a friend that has read/loved the book but isn’t quite a fangirl) and I arrived a few hours early, only having to wait outside for about an hour. After more waiting iphone2 284inside, they gave us actual tickets (that had our assigned seats) and then we were allowed to find our spot on the red carpet. I found a spot right after the press circle with my new friends Jolene and Casey from Fangirlmoms.com. We played the waiting game again and made friends with security.

It was finally time for the stars to arrive! Amy Newbold (who plays Molly) was the first around. She was incredibly sweet. She took pictures and signed autographs for everyone. Veronica Roth was the next one to stop by us. She signed my book and I managed to get a picture with her. I am pretty proud of the pictures I got even though I was standing under terrible lighting. I should have done a better check of that before choosing my spot, ha! Of course Veronica complimented my friend on her polish (it was amazing; we have a several things in common). And then came Theo. Oh Theo James. He gave me a hug. He signed my book. We took a selfie. I still don’t believe this all happened. He is such a gentleman. Ansel came by shortly after and wanted to get out as many autographs he could, so I was part of a group hug with my new friend Jolene. Shailene Woodley was the only one who didn’t make it to our side but that was because she had stopped and talked to a girl who was there for her Make-a-Wish. I did manage to get some great pictures though because that was right next to me. Each and every one was fabulous for spending so much time with us.iphone2 308

We quickly made our way to the theatre to start the movie since it was starting an hour late due to the long red carpet (I know I’m not complaining!). I am a bit speechless about its amazingness. I will fully admit that I doubted Shailene as Tris but she was phenomenal and blew me away. I knew Theo would be good as Four but he was absolutely outstanding and I cannot think of anyone that could have played him better. The rest of the cast was also extraordinary. Kate Winslet was wickedly perfect; Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn were flawless as well as all the other Dauntless initiates. Dystopian Chicago was eerie without fault and gave me goose bumps several times. Of course there are the inevitable changes and skipped scenes but everything was better than I could have ever expected. I cannot wait to see this again and I recommend everyone go see it March 21!


Buy your tickets today!


5 thoughts on “Divergent Premiere Chicago! (+ Divergent Movie Review)

  1. Jessica says:

    So cool! SELFIE WITH THEO? *dies of jealousy*
    I’m so glad that you got to go and posted pictures and stuff!
    I saw the movie too and loved it as well!

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