Elizabeth Eulberg: Better off Friends Tour (+giveaway)

17228280 On Friday February 28, I headed to The Book Stall for Elizabeth Eulberg’s Better off Friends tour. For this tour Elizabeth stuck to the Midwest because of the roots of this book. Elizabeth began by talking about where she gets the ideas for her books. It ranged from a friend who changed once she got a boyfriend to a crush telling her that one day she is going to find someone great because she had such a great personality. She had a key plot point for Better off Friends come to her right before take off, which caused her to to say “the mother dies, the mother is dead” out loud and startle the passenger next to her. Elizabeth is charismatic and comedic, which comes off not only in person but in her writing as well.

After reading a short exert from Better off Friends, Elizabeth opened up for questions. The first question was about which character she connected with more while writing Better off Friends. She said she would have to say Macallan, mainly because she was female. While writing Better off Friends, she had an upstairs neighbor who talked entirely too loud. She spent half her time cursing him and the other half eavesdropping for inspiration. Elizabeth was asked about which book took her the longest. The Lonely Hearts Club took her 5 years, but it was her first novel and “she photodidn’t know what she was doing”. She mentioned that she spent a year with Macallan and Levi before she began any writing. The idea of Better off Friends came from a conversation with her editor David Levithan. They were talking about a Harry Meet Sally but with a YA twist. Elizabeth reenacted a scene from the movie that had me in stitches. Elizabeth then told us about her covers. The original cover for The Lonely Hearts Club was “like every other YA cover”. Scholastic knew they had to redo the cover and Elizabeth suggested a play on the Abbey Road image made famous by the Beatles. They took this into consideration and of course we have that wonderful cover. Over the years Elizabeth has put in ideas for her covers. The one thing she never wants is a face on the cover. One because they may not match the character and two because she doesn’t want an image instilled in a readers mind. Elizabeth didn’t know she always wanted to be a writer but she has always been involved with books. Before writing she was a publicists (working with such people/books as JK Rowling and Susanne Collins, she shared some goods stories there!). Overall Elizabeth is incredibly charming and if you ever get a chance to hang out with her, I recommend it! Check out her latest book Better off Friends out now.

And of course I have a giveaway! Enter below for a signed ARC of Better off Friends.

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