Unbreakable – Elizabeth Norris

14743784Unbreakable (Unraveling #2) by Elizabeth Norris
April 23rd 2013 by Balzer + Bray
Source: purchased

Have you read Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris yet? Why not!? There is not single bad thing I can say about this series. I go from loving the writing to loving the story to being obsessed with these characters! If you are looking for a unique, science fiction YA book than this is the series for you. This book is packed full of action, romance and the perfect amount of science. I would avoid reading the synopsis of book 2 if you have not read book 1 since it does spoil the ending. My review however does not contain any spoilers!

One of the strongest parts of these books are the characters. Our main character Janelle is one of the most badass chicks I have read in YA. She is the kind of character that doesn’t need saving but rather does the saving herself. This could be where her flaw comes in of wanted to get everything done herself without help. She is the kind of character that usually leaps before looking. Ben is such a compatible character with her because he didn’t get down on himself when he would get saved by her. The thing about Ben is that he is totally OK with being saved but he still does his fair share of rescuing. He is the epitome of a supporting male character and those do not come around as often as they should.

The storyline and science of these books is so unique, especially in the YA genre. Since the story is from Janelle’s POV, most of the information about how the worlds work is unknown. Norris does a wonderful job of weaving in story and world details when it is necessary. Whenever I found myself asking “Well why does this happen?” not even a few scenes later an explanation was given in an appropriate manner. There is not a single question that went unanswered. Every story and detail was wrapped up and I couldn’t ask for a better ending.



7 thoughts on “Unbreakable – Elizabeth Norris

  1. Francine Soleil says:

    I started reading Unbreakable last December, but I couldn’t get into it at the time. The circumstances felt a little too much like Fringe (TV series). Maybe it’s not my thing or the beginning was just quite slow. I’m not really sure. I plan to read them in the future though.

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