Signature Saturday #1

Welcome to my new feature! What is Signature Saturday you ask? Well it is no surprise that I love collecting autographs in my favorite books. I wanted a way to share my collection with everyone in a fun way so one not showcase a book each Saturday? On top of showing you the signature on the inside I will also show you where the book is currently featured my bookshelf. ONTO THE FUN!


This week I’m featuring…Just One Day by Gayle Forman!

photo 2



Just One Day is of course right between my other 2 read Gayle Forman books!


photo 3




photo 1

What do you think!?

I know I’ve seen similar features on other blogs but none that are identical. If you do know of one let me know and I have no problem linking back to them!

2 thoughts on “Signature Saturday #1

  1. Francine Soleil says:

    I have yet to read those books, but Gayle Forman will be coming to our country and I’m hoping to get signed copies of the If I Stay series. I’m stilling thinking about the Just One Day series because I haven’t read it and the bookstore set a higher price for it as compared to the other bookstore I frequent.

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