Hey listen!

Guess what? I’m back! No seriously I am!

Now you may ask where I have been. I’ll be honest and say on Twitter mostly. I have definitely been around on Twitter but not so much on the blog scene. I can give you a million excuses but ultimately it started being less fun. This time around I still want to review books but I also want to focus on the more part of book blogging. What I mean by this is sharing with you more than just reviews! I did event recaps in the past and they were not only a blast to share, but they were the posts that usually got the most feedback. I do want to get back into my cover nail art so HOPEFULLY I will have some to share.  In all honesty, what I missed the most about regularly blogging was Top Ten Tuesdays. This was sometimes the highlight of my week so I cannot wait to start making lists again.

Over the next week or two I do want to share my thoughts on books I’ve read since September. I will do this mostly by compiling mini reviews of these books together. I AM SO HAPPY TO START SHARING MY THOUGHTS AGAIN 😀

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