Top Ten Tuesday : September 10, 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme host by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s TTT is Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show! This is talking perfect world where the movie or TV show that is made is PERFECT. If only every movie had my dream cast…



  • Throne of Glass series – This is already planned to be like 6 books and I think after success of shows like Game of Thrones, this would be epic!
  • The Lunar Chronicles – Everyone loves fairy tales and with the rise of popularity of dystopian, I think this would be awesome. Plus there are already multiple POVs to draw from.
  • Pivot Point – I could see every episode jumping story lines and being wildly entertain and cool. Plus all the cool powers? Sign me up.
  • Unearthly trilogy – There is a lack of angels in my opinion. I also wouldn’t mind staring at Tucker and Christian on my television.
  • Legend trilogy – This book already reads as if it’s a TV show or movie so why not just put it there already.



  • Ready Player One – Make my nerdy heart happy and make this movie already!
  • Anna and the French Kiss – Do I have to even explain this one?
  • The Scorpio Races – This would make a gorgeous movie.
  • MILA 2.0 series – This has been compared to the Bourne movies and I think would make just as awesome movies. Plus who doesn’t like watching a kickass girl?
  • All Our Yesterdays – Time travel and romance and friendship and I want to see this movie now. Plus the ending wraps up so nicely.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : September 10, 2013

  1. books for a delicate eternity says:

    I’ve only read AATFK, and All Our Yesterdays out of the books you’ve listed, but I definitely agree with you – they would make awesome movies.
    I can just imagine an AATFK movie being the go-to chick flick for when you’re feeling sad and need a pick-me-up, haha.
    And AOY would just be an amazing YA sci-fi movie that I can tell would be truly amazing.
    I have heard wonderful things about Cinder, and I own a copy, so I really need to get onto reading it!
    All the other books are on my TBR, and I am glad to know that they are movie worthy 😀
    My Top Ten post 🙂

  2. Brittany says:

    Excellent choices!! I actually think the Scorpio Races could make an interesting TV show now that you mention it…. Sorry to go against you haha!
    I would LOVE to see Ready Player One as a movie (like, seriously. Get on that) as well as The Lunar Chronicles. In. Love.

  3. Disquietus says:

    I would love for Throne of Glass and Unearthly to be made into TV shows. TUCKER AVERY ON MY SCREEN WEEKLY WOULD BE THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE.

    Anna and the French Kiss needs to be a movie if it could be done without screwing it up.

  4. Carmen B. says:

    I’d love to see a Throne of Glass series! There’s something so visual to the writing 🙂 And I think MILA 2.0 would be awesome for a movie because of the fast pacing! Great list overall. Sorry to be returning your comment so late…

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