August Wrap-up, What’s Ahead in September!

I am terrible at doing wrap-up posts, so this is a wrap-up of everything I did in August! I am also going to include lots of fun stuff about what is happening in September. August was kind of a busy month for me. I participated in ARC August (hosted by Octavia over at Read. Sleep. Repeat.) as well as Bout of Books…and I did a wrap-up post of neither.

ARC August

ARC August was a pretty good success. I managed to read 7 of the 12 I had planned to read, get partial way through an 8th and read 3 ARCs that I didn’t plan to read (I got approved for them in August and therefore could not have planned to read). Looking at those numbers I decided I won because I did finish 12 different ARCs! This was a great, low pressure way for me to make a dent in my ARC pile and many thanks to Octavia for putting it together.

Bout of Books

I will start by saying I was a whole lot less successful with reading during Bout of Books but pretty awesome with connecting with other bloggers! I managed to read 6 of the proposed 10 books, so not a complete loss and I did feel like overall I read more per day than I usually do. But honestly the best part of the week was finding some new friends on Twitter (my home on the internet). I decided that i also won Bout of Books because…you can’t lose unless you don’t try?

September and Classics Retold!

Back in April I wrote a post about a little project that was coming together called Classics Retold! The next few weeks will be filled with my Classics Retold doing, which was Mythology focusing in on various gods/titans. The bulk of my reading was Percy Jackson books (which I haven’t finished! Shame on me). I read a few others that I will be incorporating and also be reviewing a few movies that had mythology in them! I am still trying to decide a good proportion of Classics Retold posts as well as regular reviews and such. I think I am going to spend the rest of this week focused on reviews and then have a mix next week but who knows! I read a few September ARCs that need reviewing so I think it will be a busy month here at The Polished Page-Turner! I can’t wait to see what everyone is doing with this project.

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