Talking about Comic-Con (+giveaway)

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know this but I am headed to San Diego today for San Diego Comic-Con! This will be my second year attending and I seriously cannot shut up about how excited I am (I swear that’s all I talk about on Twitter anymore).

I plan to do lots of book stuff and meet lots of authors and bloggers but I am also just a straight nerd so this is heaven to me. I mean I camped out to see The Vampire Diaries/True Blood panel (it was SO worth it). Last year I spent most of the time just walking around, absorbing things. You could even go as far to say last year’s con was my first author event! I met so many great authors last year (Myra McEntire, Veronica Rossi, James Dashner and more!) and there were also so many more authors I didn’t know about before. Basically last year’s Comic-Con made me fall in love with books again in a whole new way. This year I will just be a failing mess until Sunday.

There are a few things in my schedule that I am SO excited for…

  1. Everything Divergent! I am a HUGE Divergent fangirl and will be in heaven with how much is going on this year. Also? I will be going to the Divergent press conference to represent Divergent Society! Sadly I will not be going to the panel but I have heard that all of that is going to be live-streaming on MTV? Basically I will be indirectly stalking Veronica Roth…
  2. Meeting Marissa Meyer (and possibly getting an ARC of CRESS!) Last year I missed Marissa/ARC of Scarlet because I went to The Vampire Diaries panel. This year it is my top priority!
  3. A Conversation with Joe Manganiello. That is actually the name of the event. Joe has a special place in my heart after we shared a moment at last year’s Comic-Con (I’ll just say it involved winking and extended eye contact). This is an offsite event but umm I have a seat in the front row.
  5. Myra McEntire: Round 2 feat. INFINITYGLASS. When I found out this was happening I almost started crying because I love her and her books.
  6. Sunday. There is literally like 5000 YA authors doing panels/signings on Sunday and I will make them all give me a high-five. And sign my books and stuff.

Comic-Con wraps up Sunday and then I head to LA until Wednesday! But that’s a different story.

In preparations for ALL THE BOOKS I cleaned my shelves off and therefore have tons of ARCs that need new homes. All of theses have been published in the last year, most are YA and the first in a series but there are a few that fall outside that. This giveaway will have several winners (I haven’t determine how many just yet). The first winner will pick their first book and then each winner after that will pick their first book. Once each person has picked their first book it will start over. I’m doing this in hopes of anyone who wins to have a chance of at least getting the book they wanted the most. AND THE BOOKS…


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is US ONLY. Sorry..shipping books costs a lot of money and even more if you are outside the US.

2 thoughts on “Talking about Comic-Con (+giveaway)

  1. Alice in Readerland says:

    It’s so cool that you get to go to Comic-Con! Also, if you get Cress I will be stalking your blog until you post your thoughts on it. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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