Event Recap: YA Afternoon (+giveaway)

I went to Anderson’s on Saturday June 29, 2013 for an afternoon with YA authors that included: Hilary Smith (Wild Awake), Michael Grant (Gone series), Ellen Hopkins (Tilt), Lauren Myracle (Shine), A.G. Howard (Splintered) and Debra Driza (MILA 2.0). This was a quick event because many of the authors had places to be because of crazy ALA schedules. Each introduced themselves and there most current book quickly.

I didn’t take notes this time because it was such a quick one but I’ll share what I remember 🙂 Also A.G. Howard didn’t show up in time for the Q&A (so she won’t have any answers) and Lauren Myracle was late and therefore only some were answered. I am going to use initials to indicate which author was answering.

  • The authors were asked for recommendations for YA books. MG said he does not usually read YA unless he is asked to blurb on the cover. He says this is because he feels like he is taking his work home. EH had a similar answer. DD recommended In The After and HS recommended someone I had never heard of and of course do not remember.
  • The authors were asked about reading reviews. Most answered they do not read reviews unless an editor or agent sends it to them. MG on the other hand likes to see when his books are rated higher on Goodreads than other popular books. Also mentioned how his book Plague was always close to rating with a book of the same name and would check regularly to see who was being rated higher.
  • The authors were asked about how they overcome writers block. MG said he makes himself anxious (i.e. I have to write X amount of words before doing Y). LM and DD talked about their online writing groups and various exercises they do with them. EH doesn’t have this problem, she actually has a reverse problem of getting too into the writing and forgetting about commitments (i.e. her kids or laundry).
  • The authors were asked if anything in their books happened to them personally. DD joked that she was actually an android. EH said that her one series (about meth addiction) is based on her daughter’s struggle with addiction. HS said nothing in her book happened to her personally but the mental break down/dealing with mental illness was something she personally dealt with. LM said a lot of the things that happen in her book happened to her when she was a teenage.
  • The authors were asked which of the books that they’ve written is their favorite. MG said whichever is the last one he finished (which was Light in this case). EH says whichever book she is currently writing at the time. LM says her books are like children and therefore could not pick a favorite. DD and HS both currently have one published so the choice was not hard.

It was a quick afternoon but it was a good one. I got the chance to meet a whole bunch of authors I have never met before and had a great time.

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Me & Hilary T. Smith, Me & Debra Driza, Me & A. G. Howard



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