Top Ten Tuesday: July 2, 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme host by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s TTT is Top Ten Most Intimidating Books (might be intimated by size, content, that everyone else loves it but you are sure you won’t etc). I broke my list down into books that I haven’t read because of the hype (and I’m scared of my reaction), books that are long and books that I am afraid I am not going to like (and I want to like).

The Hype

375802    12851538    1118668

The Length

2118745    6892870    24280

Books I want to Love

13539044    13497818    11044367

Game of Thrones


The first three books all have a lot of hype surrounding them so I am afraid once I pick them up I will force myself to like them even if I don’t. Maybe when the hype dies down a bit. The middle three intimate me because they are a bit lengthy and I know it will take me some time to read them and I am just in a light, quick read mood so I won’t be picking these up any time soon. And the last three books are all books I want to love. I want to love Silver Linings Playbook because I loved the movie and I fear I wont enjoy the book as much. I want to love Casual Vacancy because its JK Rowling but it’s so British. Lastly I want to love Taken because Erin Bowman is such a great person and I have heard some not OK reviews about this book. I just want to love all the books!

And Game of Thrones has it’s own section for many reasons. I have probably been reading this book for close to three months and I am only about half way through. The length, the hype and the fact that I want to love this book makes it intimating to me!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: July 2, 2013

  1. ChrissiReads says:

    Ah we have two books on our lists that are the same this week! Game of Thrones and Les Miserables. I really want to read The Knife of Never Letting Go.. but it is a bit of an intimidating one!

  2. Candice says:

    I know a good many people who didn’t like Code Name Verity. I loved it, so it was hard seeing others not like it. However, The Book Thief… wow. I know it seems like one of those that meh, sure everyone loved but I probably won’t.. but yeah, SO GOOD! If you like audiobooks, I would HIGHLY suggest listening to that! The Knife of Never Letting Go (and the series) is wonderful… but again one of those it could go either way. I think it just depends on what you want out of it, you know? I haven’t read the others, but they kind of intimidate me too!

  3. Carrie-Anne says:

    I freaking HATED the damn Book Thief when it was required reading in my YA Lit class recently. This was a huge shock and disappointment, as I read and write almost exclusively historical, and the WWII/Shoah era is one of my areas of expertise. Just thinking about that smug, gimmicky, spoilerific narrator makes me angry, so many months later. It was such a relief to go on Good Reads and Amazon and discover many other people who hated it as much as I did.

  4. nikihawkes says:

    I’ve read a couple of those but for the most part they scare the snot out of me – especially Casual Vacancy. I will say that Enders Game deserves the hype, it’s the one I always recommended for people wanting to try out science fiction. 🙂

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