Where I have been…

I will try to make this quick!

I have been very sporadic the last few weeks and I totally apologize. I just wrapped up my senior year of college and then had to go through graduation as well as a ton of other fun stuff (some of it was actually fun, other stuff was fun). I was trying for sarcasm there. Anyway I had a crazy month but I am now on summer vacation! I am taking a semester (or year) off from school before going back to get my Masters but until then you get me almost full time. I hope to post on a more regular schedule now that I don’t have the full time commitment of school and work and trying to blog.

Things I want to be better at…

  1. Posting reviews of every book I read
  2. Posting manicures (whether is be book related or not) regularly
  3. Commenting on other blogs

Yay for more free time! I am participating in a few different read-a-thons and challenges that are happening in the nest few weeks so look for those posts if you want to join in the fun. I am also planning a giveaway to get rid of a whole bunch of ARCs that I have (most are from the last 3 months) so if you want free books keep an eye out!

Thank you to everyone that has stuck around!

1005560_4484854973170_1517408587_nMe and my parents

2 thoughts on “Where I have been…

  1. dottleddolly says:

    I have trouble finding time to commit to my blog, I can understand how frustrating it is. I am trying to review each book I read too, and do some other types of blogs on books, it really does take a lot of time. What are manicures? I do not know what you mean in this context.

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