Assassins Series (1-3) – Toni Aleo

Quick confession! My genre of choice is YA but every once in a while I need to venture out. Most of the time I turn to romance (either “NA” or adult) or adult fiction (contemporary or fantasy). This time around I read the first three books in The Assassins series by Toni Aleo!

1750432017504621Taking Shots (Assassins #1) – Tony Aleo
Trying to Score (Assassins #2) – Tony Aleo
Empty Net (Assassins #3) – Tony Aleo

All Published April 23, 2013 by Loveswept
Source: eGalley via NetGalley (
Thanks Random House!)


HOLY ABS! Yum. OK confession number 2…part of me has always had that dream of marrying a pro athlete and when I do turn to cheesy romance I usually turn to those that feature a romance between a “normal” woman and this pro athlete hunk. These were a perfect fit for me and I will definitely be picking up more from Aleo in the future.

Each book is told from duel, 3rd person POV about an Assassins player and the main heroine. I always love a duel POV and this one did not disappoint. Each novel is also a “companion” to the pervious ones. The characters are recurring but the each story has a new focus.  I enjoyed this because I was able to read more about characters from book 1 without overkill in their stories.

Aleo can write the internal stuff wonderfully. When a character was struggling with something, you understood why. The same can be said about the heated moments. They were passion and steamy without it feeling like o was reading porn. No moment felt forced like I have felt in many romance novels. This is definitely Aleo’s strong point and it really made the series for me! The only thing that I was not totally sold on was some of the dialogue between characters. While it was never bad, it just was never are genuine as the internal dialogue.

The main charters in each novel has something that makes her special and genuine. None of these women were perfect and their flaws were never too extreme or unbelievable. In some moments they felt insecure, in others they were powerful and strong. These characters felt real to me and I always love connecting with the main character.

Elli (Taking Shots) was my favorite of the three. Out of the three I felt she was the most independent and I always enjoy seeing such an independent woman fall in love. She was also the one who was actually into hockey and made everything more believable. Also seeing Elli in book 2 & 3 was always the best.

Fallon (Trying to Score) was just as great of a character. Fallon has a son, which is sometimes a turn off for me in romance novels but he was absolutely adorable and added to the story wonderfully. Fallon is fierce but stubborn and an all around enjoyable character.

Audrey (Empty Net) was the most annoying of the three heroines. She is Fallon’s sister so you knew her before her own story. I found her to be whiny at times and needy. I did like her story a lot, just found her to second guess herself way too often.

If you are looking for your own hunky hockey player I would definitely recommend picking up these books!



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