Rush – Eve Silver

13571953Rush – Eve Silver
Published June 11th 2013 by
Katherine Tegen Books
Source: ARC gifted to me

Miki was trying to lead a normal life after her mother’s death until one day she is pulled into a different reality, known as the game. Right away Miki begins to find out the makings of this reality but she is left with many questions. The game is a mix of Ghostbusters and vampire-like creatures that crave light rather than darkness and have powers similar to Medusa. Whoa, they were pretty unique and I just wanted to know more about them!

There are plenty of twists and secrets that are unveiled. I was surprised by some of these and overall loved how they aided the story. Reality and the game are different and it is understood when things are happening in the game versus real life. The only thing that I was slightly lost on was how they were getting pulled into the game. Each time the characters were pulled into the game, it was understood that it was happening just not how it was happening. Hopefully there is more explanation to come. There was some brief background into how the game came about that satisfied me for the time being but I am looking forward to knowing more about it. The great part about all this explanation is that it never felt like an info dump! Everything was woven into the story wonderfully and we were introduced to new information when pertinent.

Miki likes to be in control of every aspect of her life. This is not a problem until she is pulled into the game and for the first time she can’t control everything. The game ends up showing Miki that she does not need to be in control at all times and becomes a release from reality when she needed it most. Miki thought she was grounded but most days she is barely holding herself together. It the strangest ways the game makes Miki feel normal. She ends up evolving into a funny, tough badass. The game helped her character and I cannot wait to see where book 2 takes her!

Overall this book is a great combination of action as well as dealing with real issues. Miki has recently lost her mom and this has definitely affected both her and her father. It was great to see Miki dealing with real issues even though she was thinking about the game and all the complications that come with it.There are some great nerdy/gamer references throughout this novel that made my inter gamer dance.




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