Manicure Monday #1

You are probably wondering why I call myself the “Polished Page-Turner” if I never post pictures of manicures. Well to be honest this quarter at school has been kicking my butt which results in stress. If you are not familiar, stress can result in weakened nails = short, broken nails and I hate sharing my nubs. But school is winding down and I will be FREEEE (well sortof) around the 12/13 (depending on when I decide to finish my online class). This means more free time to do blogg-y things and MORE MANICURES.

I recently posted my review of Arclight by Josin L. McQuein, and while I did not particularly enjoy the book itself I LOVE the cover. The colors were just screaming for me to re-create into a manicure and so I did!

BJSWED2CcAEW-Pu.jpg large(Click on me to make it bigger!)

I loved how these came out! I realize now I should have taken a picture of the steps. I will definitely aim to do that in the future (especially with an easy one like this!) I will explain below on how to recreate this…

  1. First pick out the colors you want to use. I used a few foil finish polishes. This is a sortof of glitter, metallic-y finish that is shiny. The exact colors I used are from Zoya’s Surf Collection. They all look good together, so it made this step easy for me. You can use any colors you want but the “foil” finish is best to create the shine of the Arclight cover.
  2. Paint your nail using any of the colors you choose. This is to help prevent bald spots. Let fully dry.
  3. Next you are going to want to take a make-up sponge. I got mine from Sally’s Beauty. I think I got a bag of 80 for under $5, but any brand will work. You want to take the make-up sponge and sponge on the other colors. I did mine random but you can do whatever way you want! Let full dry.
  4. This is where is can get confusing. I personally used nail striping tape for this step but if you don’t have that you can cut ordinary scotch tape into strips. You lay them on your fully dry nail. Once again you can do any pattern you want but I choose to lay them in bursts to recreate the cover. You then paint over the strips with your top color. In this one I used OPI Black Onyx (my all time favorite black). Before the top color fully cries, you are going to want to take the strips off. If you wait till it is fully dry you may end up taking some of the top color with! I have heard people like to use tweezers to help remove the strips. I personally don’t feel the need but it may help you.
  5. Finally let dry for a few minutes before adding a clear top coat. If you grab the top coat too fast you may smudge the colors and you don’t want all your time to go to waste!

I hope this tutorial makes some amount of sense! I will aim to take pictures in the future because it may be easier to see than reading my ramblings. If you have any questions please leave me a comment or throw me a Tweet (I swear I live on Twitter some days!) Also if you have any other cool covers you think I could make into a manicure let me know! I hope you enjoyed my first Manicure Monday!

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