Arclight – Josin L. McQuein

12138494Arclight (Arclight #1) – Josin L. McQuein
Published April 23rd 2013 by Greenwillow Books
Source: borrowed

Arclight is at times well written and different but it was just not my cup of tea. I am not a huge horror/thriller reader so I have no idea why I picked this up in the first place! This book is a combination of mystery, thriller and a bit of horror. The main character has recently been recused from outside the Arclight. The slogan/first rule of Arclight is “Light is safety. Light is life.” The Arclight is a compound that is submerged in light because the Fade cannot handle the light and therefore cannot enter the Arclight. Our main character Marina has no memory of before entering the Arclight so the entire novel is told as she absorbs the world around her. We learn the true nature of the Fade about halfway through the novel and let me tell you…it creeped me out. I think this is one reason why I struggled with finishing; I just couldn’t handle the creep factor! The story has plenty of twists and surprises that I did sortof enjoy and that helped propel me to finish because I wanted to know more/how things ended. But beyond that I was not invested at all.

I will say that while reading I had a feeling that is was not as unique as it seems. Throughout the entire novel it felt similar to Enclave by Ann Aguirre. The Fade can also be compared with vampires (the whole not being able to be in light thing). I may have been more interested if the characters were more exciting. I was able to tolerate Marina. She has a lot of struggles because she is the first person to be brought into the Arclight from the outside. It is through these struggles, as well as the fact that she has no solid memories, that she has some strength to persevere. Marina is a fighter for what she believes in. This being said, she came off a bit dull in some scenes. I swear there was a moment of two where she just kind of stood around and watched the action.

The world-building is maybe one of the few strong points in this novel. It was cool but I will note it sometimes felt like an info-dump to me. I like when a character is experiencing the world rather than standing there describing it to the reader.

Overall I just did not enjoy reading this. I have seen positive reviews for this, so I guess it appeals to some people just not me.



One thought on “Arclight – Josin L. McQuein

  1. Rebecca says:

    I felt the same way…I just could not connect with any of the characters and I never had a clear view of the Fade, which made them not creepy at all.

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