Event Recap: Richelle Mead

FGHI was back at Anderson’s again (May 5, 2013), this time for Richelle Mead! Richelle is the author of the incredibly successful Vampire Academy series and its spinoff series Bloodlines. First off I will say that I was incredibly surprised by the amount of people that showed up. Not only that but some of the people came from HOURS away! Now that is commitment.

The event started with Richelle reading from her upcoming Bloodlines novel “The Fiery Heart”. If you have read this series at all you know that it is starting to heat up A LOT. “The Fiery Heart” is also introducing Adrian’s POV! I can honestly say Adrian is one of my favorite fictional characters and I CANNOT wait to get inside his head. We were lucky enough to not only get a chapter from Adrian’s POV but one that contained Sydney. I don’t want to go into specifics but this scene was intense emotionally and contained a bottle of tequila as well as a Cinco de Mayo joke (how fitting!). After the reading we went into a short Q&A because we were strapped for time and Richelle wanted to get a chance to sign everyone’s book.

I did not take notes on this one so most is from memory. Sorry if I seem jumpy!

  • Someone asked a question about in Frostbite, how did Adrian know about Rose liking older guys (since he did not see Rose and Dimitri together)? Richelle answered that Adrian was immature and cocky at this point and assumed Rose liked him, therefore alluding to her liking older guys
  • Someone asked a specific question about the movie so Richelle just gave us all she knows/could tell us thus far. First she told us about how she has been in denial about her book becoming a movie for over 3 years because these things can fall through. The movie is scheduled to come out on Valentine’s Day next year (get your dinner reservations ready!). Filming will begin at the end of the month in Britain at a Gothic castle/vampire academy looking building.  Richelle said she believes that everyone has been cast but only 4 have been confirmed and released because of legal reasons/contracts.  All of the actors that have been cast thus far have really committed to the part with training. The writer/director is a partnership of brothers (one did Mean Girls- Mark Waters and the other did Heathers-Daniel Waters, so snark will ensue!). She also told us how much they have been consulting her because usually authors have little to no say in their movie adaptations. She was sent costume ideas/drawings which I thought was cool!
  • Someone asked about infidelity in relationships. Richelle then went to say she doesn’t think there is any in Bloodlines but there is in Vampire Academy. She said that love triangles/infidelity are real and do happen and she felt it was necessary to the plot. She then said she hopes her books don’t come off as promoting infidelity because that is not her intention.
  • Someone asked which of her characters Richelle is most like. She said she would have to pick Sydney because of the way she thinks things out before doing but she is not a genius like Sydney, which makes her hard to write sometimes. She is not like Rose because she would not go punching people because she would probably break her hand!
  • Someone asked for the inspiration behind Abe. Richelle then told us that he is actually one of the few characters that are based off a real person. In grad school there was a classmate/teacher (sorry I can’t remember which!) and he dressed like a pirate with billowy shirts and gold hoops. Everyone knew who this guy was because of the way he dressed and Richelle was inspired by the way his reputation preceded him.
  • Someone then asked for the inspiration behind Dorian from her Dark Swan series. She said that he came completely from her head and she apologizes that he is not real because she would gladly give out his phone number.

Then the signing began! Sadly there were no “posed” photos allowed but you could take photos while Richelle was signing your books. I chatted with Richelle about how great of a story teller she is. I say this because for some reason I picked up Bloodlines before Vampire Academy. I completely understood what was going on in the Bloodlines series but wanted to go back and read Vampire Academy. Even though I knew a lot of the endings of various storylines I was still incredibly drawn to the Vampire Academy series! So basically I knew spoilers and yet still wanted to read, which rarely happen for me. I also told her I got an ARC of her new series Gameboard of the Gods off of NetGalley and she told me to let her know what I think, good or bad. She could take it if I had bad things to say!

ALSO RICHELLE RETWEETED ME! I fan-girl so hard when I interact with authors on Twitter and so when an author who does not particularly reply often replies (or in this case RETWEETS) to me I go nuts.

Thank you to Brittany over @ Book Addicts Guide for filling in my missing information! Go check out her blog because she is just awesome.

I am derping so hard in some of these pictures. I can’t be mad because the girl behind me was nice enough to take the pictures!


15 thoughts on “Event Recap: Richelle Mead

  1. Brea says:

    this is awesome! love it! i saw her yesterday at the book signing in Kansas City. she was so sweet. thank you for posting this!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m the girl behind you who took your photos! I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to get clearer photos of you and Richelle together. I wish the first one wasn’t so blurry. 😦 I found out that apparently it’s really hard to take good photos while juggling books, passing them over to the person who preps them for the right page, and trying not to hold up the line. I tried to take a bunch, in the hopes that one would be come out well. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time for posed photos.

    Her event was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I thought it was awesome that she read an excerpt from The Fiery Heart instead of The Indigo Spell, because, well, we all have that book and can read it ourselves!

  3. Danielle says:

    Great recap! You’re so lucky you have such an awesome bookstore that hosts events like these. I would kill to meet Richelle but I don’t think she’s coming to Ireland any time soon sigh.

  4. Feeh says:

    Hi! I wanted to know if you would allow us to translate this post so we can post it on VABR (vampireacademybrasil.org) – in case the info is about VA. And we’ll credit you 😉 Thank you!

  5. Nicole says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG DID YOU SAY ADRIAN’S POV! HOLY SMOKES I AM FREAKING OUT. He is my book boyfriend. MINE ;). WOO I am now 10 times more excited to read Fiery Heart now. I love Richelle Mead (so jealous you got to meet her). OK fangirling over. 🙂

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