How Zoe (Mostly) Made Her Dreams Come True – Sarah Strohmeyer

zoeHow Zoe (Mostly) Made Her Dreams Come True – Sarah Strohmeyer
Published April 23, 2012 by Balzer + Bray/HarperTeen
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I was super excited for this after reading (and loving) Strohmeyer’s other YA book Smart Girls Get What They Want. How Zoe (Mostly) Made Her Dreams is straight adorable. Zoe and her cousin get hired for elite theme park Fairyland. Soon after orientation Zoe finds herself assistant to the evil queen herself while all other summer employees are cast as different fairy tale characters. The summer is spent catering to her every need, which includes walking The Queen’s lovely dog Tinkerbell at the crack of dawn.

It turns out this is a reverse Cinderella story about Zoe searching for her “Prince Charming” based on something he left behind after their magical meeting one night in the forbidden zone of the park. Zoe can’t go around asking questions about her prince though because she could get fired for breaking one of Fairyland’s biggest rules about not going into the forbidden zone, which would result in her immediate termination. She manages to navigate herself around the rules and her boss to find her prince. There is a lot more twists in this story than I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised! There is a “feud” against The Mouse that plays a key role in the story that I quite enjoyed.

I really liked Zoe’s character. She was smart and was able to figure out her how to deal with what is supposed to be one of the hardest jobs at the park all the while she supports her cousin’s quest to become a princess (which is the most sought after job at the park). Alas Zoe is like many YA main character’s and falls for guys fairly easily. This causes her some bumps in the road but in the end she has a good head on her shoulders that helps her out in the end.

If you are a fan of contemporaries or summer books I recommended adding this to your summer reading list, this is totally a beach read (and it was published straight to paperback!)




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5 thoughts on “How Zoe (Mostly) Made Her Dreams Come True – Sarah Strohmeyer

  1. Lucy says:

    I just won this book in a giveaway- glad to hear it’s such a fun beach read. I’m so in the mood for summer reading.
    Fab review!

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